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What is Carbon Display?

The supply of CO2 information (or “carbon display”) for each transportation service proceeds directly from the Grenelle Environment and was introduced in the article of the “Grenelle II” law in the item L1431-3 of the transportation code. The applications are defined in 2 statutory texts:

The Decree 2011-1336 of the 24/10/2011 relating to the information on the quantity of carbon dioxide produced for each transportation service. It sheds further light on how to implement art L1431-3

- The decision of the 10/04/2012 monitoring application of article 5,6 and 8 of decree 2011-1336 :

- This text defines the emission factors of the various sources of energy and the default value (level 1) that should be applied.

- It also sets the date of the 1/10/2013 as the dead line for compulsory disclosure of CO2 information for French companies

What will be the impacts of the new sulphur content limits in 2015 in ECA’s zones worldwide ?

Since the creation of the first Emission Control Area (ECA) in the Baltic Sea 10 years ago, Ocean Going Vessels are subject to stricter regulations both at global or regional level.

Over the years, ECAs have been enlarged to The Channel and North Sea, as well as North America and the US Caribbean sea where the maximum sulphur content has been reduced gradually from 4.5% to 1.5% and 1% up to this date. The IMO regulations set new limits in 2015 at 0.1% sulphur, which presents significant challenges for the industry including Oil Majors, Shipping Lines and Shippers.

CMA CGM enforces its long-term commitment about protecting the environment, making sustainable development one of its main focuses, and will do its utmost to comply with the new regulation set in place as from January 1st, 2015.

CMA CGM is confident in its customers’ full support during the implementation of this policy.

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Who is required to provide CO2 information?

The information must be provided by each legal entity, whether public or private, offering or selling transportation services for people or goods, including moving companies, when the point of origin or destination is located on the French territory. The only exception is when the carrier is acting on his own account. Generally speaking, every legal entity performing or simply marketing transportation services to a third party, is accountable for Carbon display:

regardless of its size

regardless of the transaction cost or extent of the journey.

Which types of events require the reporting of CO2 information?

Any journey with a point of origin or destination located in French territory (including overseas territories) must comply with the CO2 regulation.

The obligation does not apply when a vehicle is just passing through the national territory, even in case of a technical stop-over and when neither the goods nor the persons being transported have their origin or destination in France.

How does CMA Group comply with this requirement?

For years, the group has been developing its own CO2 reporting system to monitor the emission of its own fleets. Through our active participation in the Clean Cargo Working Group, we contributed to the development of the official calculation methodology which is now the shipping industry standard.

Since 2008, we have provided our Global Accounts with tailor-made CO2 reporting on request. In 2009, our e-Business customers were given the ability to calculate their own carbon footprint thanks to an online, self-service eco-calculator.

We have upgraded our information systems to incorporate pre-and post-carriage readings into the calculation. As provided by law, the CO2 information is automatically available to the connected customers in the section “consignment details” of our website, within 2 months after final delivery.

How should the CO2 information be calculated?

For the maritime part of the transportation, the calculation is based on “level 3” values (i.e.: actual average values), calculated through analytical decomposition of our activity and based on operational values.

For pre and post-carriage, calculation is based on “level 1” values; namely default values provided by the decree for each mean of transportation.

For companies with less than 50 employees, the decree n°2011-1336 stipulates that level 1 values will still be valid until 1st of July 2016.

Where can the CO2 information be located?

For each shipment, the information is available on our web-site with all details relating to the booking (http://www.cma-cgm.com/products-services/ecommerce/online-registration,)

In accordance with French law, the “carbon foot-print “ field displays the carbon emission of a booking once transportation is completed.

The information is available as soon as the container has reached its final point of destination.

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