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Worldwide Coverage

CMA CGM Group Agencies (Australia) Limited

CMA CGM Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of the CMA CGM Group representing the interests of CMA CGM S.A. throughout Australia.

From its national headquarters in Melbourne, and regional offices covering all ports across the country, CMA CGM Australia offer innovative services delivering the right combination of quality and performance across a wide range of global shipping solutions to its Customers.

E-business and personalized quality customer service also play a vital role in connecting with our Customers. CMA CGM Australia is staffed with knowledgeable and motivated industry professionals who work closely with its customers to provide them with the best possible service and high quality transport of their cargo. Our teams of experts are available to advise you, answer your queries and assist you with all your global shipping needs.

For more information, please visit our Group website.

For local contacts, please visit our Office and Contacts page.

We offer a worldwide service to all ports in the world

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Asia - Oceania



Asia - Oceania

New North Europe Med Oceania

New North Europe Med Oceania

North Europe – Mediterranean Sea – Australia – South Asia – Indian Sub Continent

Panama Direct Line

Panama Direct Line

The Global Service connecting Europe and US East Coast with Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands


Digitization is one of CMA CGM Group’s five priorities. Our aim is to help you save time and boost your performance by enjoying a new experience of modern shipping.
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Our eBusiness platform provides the following services:



Please contact Mailour eCommerce team for any question or training on our eCommerce website.

Online Payment

CMA-NAB online payment CMA CGM Australia now offers online credit card payment facility! Please note this is only for CMA CGM & ANL Australia issued invoices.

Access our Online payment page now to make your payments.

Surcharge applicable: VISA/MasterCard payments at $1.35 per transaction plus 1% Merchant Fee, and American Express payments at $1.95 per transaction plus 2.75% Merchant Fee..


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