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Import Carrier Haulage Procedures

In order to transport your container to the Final Place Of Destination/ Delivery (either Through BL or POD CY BL) we need a written transport order and documents as mandatory or due to kind of cargo:

  1. Full style address of delivery place/ pic contact
  2. Customs status

    a) Cargo customs cleared at POD (ATC No./ IMA)

    b) Transport on T1 doc

  3. Documents

    a) Original BL if issued (correctly endorsed)

    b) T2L if intra Europe service

    c) Commercial invoice

    d) Packing List (HS code/ german cargo description)

    e) DGD- Dangerous Goods Declaration

    f) Health Certificates (veterinary goods)

    g) Import license (food)

  4. Information (specialties for transport/ delivery)

    a) Tipper chassis

    b) Extra Unstuffing personel

    c) Rear end loading of chassis (20‘)

    d) Special alerts

    e) etc.

Timeline of presenting transport orders: 7 working days prior ETA

Due to official bank holidays in Germany or parts thereof (Easter, Ascension Day, Pentecost, Corpus Christi, Christmas and New Year) we need your transport orders for carriers haulages at least 10-12 working days (Monday to Friday) prior ETA vessel in order to secure capacities on any transport mode.

Please be guided there are no special free times for storage and Demurrage/Detention although terminals might not work continuously during the bank holildays.

General local costs import POD HAM / BHV/ RTM/ ANT (ZEE)

Vatos 2019
DTHC HAM/ BHV EUR 235,- per Container internal code: THC34
Release Fee EUR 45,- per B/L internal code: DA006
Inspection Fee EUR 30,- per Container internal code: FEE85
Terminal Security Charge EUR 10,50 per Container internal code: IPS51

Additional costs

Please be informed there can be additional costs as waiting time beyond free time during destuffing of container, storage (also at inland terminals when combined transport) or Demurrage/Detention that will be burden on cargo and charged.

Official local charges tariff can be found here