CMA CGM | Austria Local Charges


Actual Local Charges:

The actual Local Charges - applicable for Austria you will find on the following Local Charges website of our Cluster Headoffice Germany:

Local Charges Tariff - applicable for CMA CGM Austria

Special local charge

Specific fees which are only applicable in Austria:

Vatos 2019
B/L Fee EUR 45,00 per B/L

Demurrage & Detention

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Demurrage & Detention:
The charge, related to the use of the equipment only.
The shipper / consignee / receiver / etc. pays for carrier's equipment kept beyond the free time allowed by the carrier.

Demurrage and Detention do not include storage costs and reefer services which are charged separately.

For Germany the tariff is merged as one timeline:

  • Export: from the empty pick up date of the container from depot until loading on board of the vessel at terminal.
  • Import: from container discharge date until empty return in depot.


Always the Country of Loading or Discharging (as per POL/POD in B/L) is applicable in case of Demurrage Detention calculation:

  • Actual Demurrage/Detention Tariff – GERMANY
  • Actual Demurrage/Detention Tariff – BELGIUM
  • Actual Demurrage/Detention Tariff – CROATIA
  • Actual Demurrage/Detention Tariff – NETHERLANDS
  • Actual Demurrage/Detention Tariff – SLOVENIA
  • Actual Demurrage/Detention Tariff – ITALY

If you´re looking for other Loading/Discharging countries in case of Demurrage / Detention, please click on the following Link.