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CMA CGM Norton Lilly Barbados Ltd: Connecting our customers with the whole world


CMA CGM Norton Lilly Barbados Ltd. offer the most extensive maritime network with a highly efficient vessel fleet and inland solutions.

Created in 2006 , CMA CGM Norton Lilly Barbados Ltd offers regular services from and to the following Ports(or the ports to the closest country):


Shipping Everything


Thanks to our experts, we can ship any type of cargo thanks to a wide range of containers at our disposal. Our containers are totally enclosed and weatherproof with a rigid roof, floor and side walls, at least one with doors.


ReeferReefer: CMA CGM Reefer containers are specifically designed for the transport of your perishable goods in a temperature-controlled environment. They come in a wide variety of sizes and with all the latest technologies.


Cargo XXLSpecial Cargo: Our high-level transportation expertise covers a wide range of Special Cargo, from OOGs to XXL consignments.


DryDry containers:Designed to carry almost any kind of dry goods, General Cargo is by far the most common type of container and is the standard tool of international transportation. It can match the specific cargo needs of any industries, is easy to handle and is a great asset to any supply chain. Our ability to customize dry containers allows you to ship any type of goods in any type of packing all over the world.

Dedicated to our Customers

We always put our customers first. As part of our new customer-centric strategic orientation, we are directing all our efforts around their current and future needs. My CMA CGM is facilitating the customer journey from booking to arrival. We have designed an unparalleled eBusiness platform that allows them to manage their shipments throughout the transport lifecycle simply and effectively.





Digitization and the e-commerce development are top priorities for The CMA CGM Group. Our goal is to help you save time and improve performance by taking advantage of a new modern shipping experience.

Digitization eases and simplifies the relationship with customers to provide them a flawless and more efficient customer experience. Customer centricity and digitization are at the center of the Group’s strategy : we are pleased to introduce you to My CMA CGM.

  • CMA CGM eSolutions: a 100% digital eco-system
  • New range of features to digitize the customer experience
  • A new sales channel offered to our customers

Please contact our eCommerce team for any question or training on our eCommerce website.


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