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CMA CGM BENIN, the confirmed expertise in maritime transport

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Located in Cotonou in the commercial area of Ganhi, CMA CGM BENIN is a subsidiary of The CMA CGM Group represented in more than 160 countries around the world.

Specialized in maritime transport, CMA CGM BENIN offers a full range of high quality services to and from Benin, providing in addition its customers with door-to-door and tailor-made solutions, thanks to our proven knowledge of the market.

Office image Our staff highly qualified, motivated and professional, works closely with customers in order to provide them with the best possible service related to their cargo carriage and follow up. Our teams of experts are available to advise you, answer your requests and help you with unique customized offers that suit your needs

Global coverage to all ports of the world

The CMA CGM Group currently offers 4 maritime services linking Benin with the rest of the world.

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The MIDAS Service weekly links Middle East, India and South African markets to Cotonou port in one of the best transit time offered on the market.



The service EURAF4 is a weekly service connecting Cotonou to North Africa and Europe with competitive transit times.



The New AFEX Service offers direct and weekly connections from Far East & South East Asia to Cotonou and other West African ports, from where CMA CGM provides dedicated services to the rest of Africa.



WAX is the best service on the market of Asia in Cotonou with a reliable Transit Time, providing a direct connection from and to Shanghai, Ningbo, Shekou and Nansha.

Discover in detail all the maritime services on the CMA CGM website / Lines & Services:

Local Services and eCommerce

Intermodal: Our personalized solutions

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Door-to-door traffic inside Benin and to landlocked countries

We offer our customers, intermodal solutions including the best suited pre/post-carriage traffic with safe transport conditions.

Thanks to the country strategic position, CMA CGM Benin serves through its intermodal service neighboring countries such as Niger, Burkina Faso and Mali. For this purpose, the Combined Transport Bill of Lading (CTBL/BLD) import-export is provided to customers to serve as a "merchandise title" in these landlocked areas.

Using the single document (CTBL/BLD), we take full responsibility for the safe shipment of cargo whether it's transported by road, rail and no matter how many different stages the cargo must go through before reaching its final destination.



Digitization and the e-commerce development are top priorities for The CMA CGM Group. Our goal is to help you save time and improve performance by taking advantage of a new modern shipping experience.

Digitization eases and simplifies the relationship with customers to provide them a flawless and more efficient customer experience. Customer centricity and digitization are at the center of the Group’s strategy : we are pleased to introduce you to My CMA CGM.

  • My CMA CGM: a 100% digital eco-system
  • New range of features to digitize the customer experience
  • A new sales channel offered to our customers

Please contact Mailour eCommerce team for any question or training on our eCommerce website.


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