In order to best serve and provide a thorough assistance to you during the fulfilling of your formalities regarding import containers, we would like to remind you of a very important procedural point you should not avoid when validating your custom declaration.

It has to do with the import container followup step on the Guichet Unique Portuaire (GUP) platform that confirm the actual container(s) discharge by the VAQ (containers at Dockside).

We have noticed that at this point most clearing agents skip over this step and simply validate their customs declaration and as a consequence they find themselves in difficulties vis-a-vis the Customs Office. And you the Customs Office would not cancel any uncompletely done declaration without trying searching the reasons, the whole process of which takes long and generate extra expenses.

As your carrier, CMA CGM takes all necessary precautions to transport your container or lots of containers from the loading ports to Cotonou destination, intact. But in the maritime domain, it may happen that your containers, for reasons beyond the control of the carrier, be splitted and loaded on different vessels

When necessary, and if you omit the mandatory step of checking your containers on the GUP, you will face the above mentioned difficulties even though CMA CGM BENIN deposits on the GUP containers that have actually been discharged.

We would like to draw your attention and your responsibility to this important and preliminary step of checking whether your containers have effectively been discharged before validating your customs declaration. If you fail doing it, CMA CGM will have no choice but to decline all responsibilities for the delay and the various costs that this situation will inevitably entail.

When necessary, we would invite you to proceed to the unbundling of the cargo so as to conform your declaration to the actually discharged containers. And in case of exemption, you make partial declarations and partial clearances of the exemption when it is published for several containers.

We assure you that as the 3rd ranked worldwide carrier, CMA CGM, will ensure to reduce to the maximum these exceptions in order to be able to offer you our quality service to which you have always been accustomed.

Thanks for your usual understanding of the implementation of this recommendation, which aims at protecting your interests and avoid any inconvenience in the course of your operations.

Yours faithfully.