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Monthly Calls



1Worldwide Coverage

Worldwide Coverage

CMA CGM group Cameroon offers his customers a full range of logistics solutions


The location of Kribi is perfect for exporters who are in the southern region of Cameroon (wood, cocoa, rubber) but also for importers from Yaoundé, the northern part of Cameroon, CRA and Chad.

The CMA CGM group is represented in Cameroon by 2 agencies, located in the port cities of Douala and Kribi, which ensure the commercial representation of the Group’s brand CMA CGM and an Inland Container Depot (ICD) where our customers can accomplish their logistics activities.


The CMA CGM group has decided to diversify its offers in Cameroon to better meet customer’s expectations.

We are able to provide a large variety of containers to meet your demands:

We offer a worldwide coverage to all ports in the world




CMA CGM Group today offers 4 line services connecting Cameroon to and from worldwide destinations

In a continuous effort to further increase our level of service from Europe and Mediterranean to West Africa market, CMA CGM has decided to implement some changes in the port rotation of EURAF 4 and EURAF 5 services while maintaining cost competitiveness

We would like to share with you the significant product improvement for cargo bound to Douala and Libreville effective beginning February 2019

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EURAF 4 will be dedicated to Cameroon with transit time improvement up to 3 days

Effective from M/V Carolina Star ETA Valencia 08/02, ETA Algeciras 11/02

Douala is reached from Valencia in 22 days, Antwerp 32 days, Le Havre 29 days

EURAF 4 port rotation |

Valencia – Algeciras – Tangier – Lome – Cotonou – Bata ½ – Malabo ½ – Kribi – Douala – Valencia

  • Service operated with vessels of 3,600 TEU
  • Weekly direct coverage of Med to Togo, Benin Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon and Gabon
  • Onne, Port Gentil and Takoradi offered via Kribi
  • Democratic Rep of Congo ports Matadi and Boma will be served via Kribi
  • Italy in relay via Valencia. Marseille and Barcelona cargo on relay in house service via Algeciras





is transferred from Euraf 4 to Euraf 5. Transit time improvement up to 5 days

Effective from M/V Nile Dutch Okapi ETS Antwerp 30/01, ETA Algeciras 08/02

Libreville is reached from Antwerp in 26 days, Le Havre 25 days, Lisbon 20 days

EURAF 5 port rotation |

Antwerp – Le Havre – Lisbon – Algeciras – Pointe Noire – Luanda – Libreville – Kribi – Algeciras–Antwerp

  • Euraf 5 service from Europe and Med to South Range West Africa with 7 vessels up to 4,200 TEU
  • Service focus to Republic of Congo, Angola, Gabon and Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Angola secondary ports Lobito and Namibe are served via Luanda in relay

West feeder 1

West feeder1

West Feeder operated with 2 vessels of 713 TEU dedicated to South range WAF cross border countries.

West feeder 2

west feeder 2

Feeder 2 is our Main West intercoastal Line. From our Pointe Noire Hub Terminal to Douala & Libreville.

West Feeder 2 operated with 1 vessel of 713 TEU on a fortnightly frequency to Gabon and Cameroon

Douala feeder


Douala Feeder 2 operated with 2 vessels up to 1800 TEU on weekly basis with Cameroon Focus via Congo

Onne feeder


Onne Feeder, operated with 1 x 1,740 TEUs fortnightly service dedicated to Onne, Port Gentil and Takoradi via Kribi



Asia ↔ Cameroon Line

  • Douala and Kribi connected via Pointe-Noire by several services feeders: Douala feeder, West feeder 1 and West feeder 2.
  • ASAF service deploying 13 vessels up to 6 000 TEUs operated by CMA-CGM
  • Service with comprehensive coverage in China including weekly direct calls in North, Central and South China ports: Xingang & Qingdao, Shanghai & Ningbo, Chiwan & Nansha

Local services and ecommerce

INTERMODAL: Door to door solutions from every location in the world and to inside Cameroon, Chad and Central Republic of Africa

An Inland Container Depot (ICD) strategically located in Douala where our customers can:

  • Store their full export containers before we move them to the terminal
  • Organize the dressing of food grade containers for specific content such as cocoa or coffee
  • Store their goods in our 1,600 square meter warehouse
  • Buy empty containers from our fleet for their own purpose

An entry gate to Cameroon, Chad and CRA from the state of the art port ok Kribi

CMA CGM group is one of the leading stakeholders in the Kribi Container Terminal (KCT). After a period of trials which has already started, the first commercial operations in KCT are due before the end of the first quarter 2018.



Digitization is essential to offer our new customers and differentiated products. This Co-working concept an additional step in the digital transformation of CMA CGM, aimed at continuously creating value for its customers.

To that effect, our eBusiness platform provides the following services:



Our ecommerce team based in Cameroun can also deliver training in your premises. Make this request at the Following e-mail Address: Training will be scheduled accordingly.


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