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CMA CGM CROATIA Shipping Agency d.o.o. is part of the CMA CGM agency network of more than 755 worldwide with the office at Rijeka. We offer ship agency service at four ports: Rijeka (Croatia), Split (Croatia), Ploče (Croatia) and Bar (Montenegro).

Main gravitation areas are: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and central European countries.

In Rijeka we have own office and in the ports of Split, Ploče and Bar we have appointed local sub-agents for the local port`s and logistics purposes. All commercial, documentation, financial and intermodal business for all four ports are concentrated within CMA CGM CROATIA Agency situated in Rijeka.

Worldwide coverage to all ports in the world

CMA CGM maintains in Rijeka regular direct weekly container liner service with mother vessels:

- To/From Asia The Phoenician Express. This service is also calling hub port Malta and on this way offers regular shipping services to and from all worldwide destinations.

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- CMA CGM at the ports of Split, Ploče and Bar offers weekly feeder service to and from hub port Malta, connecting these ports with all overseas destinations.


We deliver your goods wherever you need in Croatia, in neighboring countries and abroad

We provide to our customers port to port transport but also we are able to provide inland transportation of the cargo, using both road and rail networks, using optimal intermodal and logistic solutions through each port, and offering different container types. Please see our containers type.

CMA CGM CROATIA offers top quality services, combining performance, reliability and quality through a team of motivated industry professionals that meets our clients' expectations, under the slogan:

1 Local point for 4 Adriatic ports and surrounding hinterland territories


Development of eCommerce is one of the Group’s main priorities. Our aim is to help you save time and boost your performances by enjoying a new experience of modern shipping.

To that effect, our eBusiness platform provides the following services:

Our eCommerce team based in Rijeka can also deliver training in your premises on:

  • How to request booking
  • How to submit Shipping Instruction(SI)
  • BL modification
  • How to submit Verified Gross Mass (VGM)
  • How to consult invoices and account statement
  • How to setup Notifications
  • Container tracking and Routing Finder
  • How to locate CMA CGM local offices/contacts
  • CMA CGM App (Android and Apple store)


You can request this training at the following e-mail address: Mailrjk.genmbox@cma-cgm.com. Training will be scheduled accordingly.


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