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CMA CGM Germany - Key figures:

3Ports of callHamburg, Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven

6Offices in GermanyBremen, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich

4Affiliated countriesAustria, Czech Republic, Slovaka and Switzerland

17Maritime serviceswith 17 calls per week + feeder calls

>1 MioTEUs carried in 2019 of CMA CGM Germany Cluster

Worldwide Coverage

CMA CGM Germany - Northern Europe‘s "Gateway to the World"

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Being part of the CMA CGM Group, one of the biggest container carrier worldwide, and thanks to the expertise of its local teams, CMA CGM Germany becomes a reference in the logistics and transportation of containerized goods for whole Europe.

CMA CGM operates a fleet of over 3,900,000 TEU of Containers and owns one of the largest and youngest fleet of reefer containers. In whatever way the goods will be loaded: regular into standard containers, out of gauge goods, project cargo on flat racks or perishable goods in reefer containers, CMA CGM has always the answer to meet the needs of our customers.

Hamburg OfficeCMA CGM Germany is offering since more than 25 years of expertise in Export and Import shipping, specialized cargo of Reefers, Breakbulk and Project cargo.
CMA CGM Germany is offering innovative services with logistics solutions and multimodal transport for all needs of our customers in Germany, as well in
Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Switzerland.

Hamburg Office
CMA CGM Germany is headquartered in Bremen. Most departments, logistics, documentation and operations are centralized at our biggest office in Hamburg.
Via our several inland offices in Germany and in other affiliated countries, we are available to reach our customers locally and could offer tailor made shipping and logistic solutions.

Worldwide coverage to all ports in the world

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CMA CGM is offering a large coverage for Germany of serving 3 ports: The port of Hamburg, one of the 3rd largest ports in Europe and within the TOP 20 in the world, is being a “Gateway to the world” for Northern Europe and is the important HUB port for whole Baltic area. Bremerhaven is also an important and traditional harbor for connections for transatlantic trades. The new port Wilhelmshaven is completing a great coverage for shipments to the whole world.

The CMA CGM Germany serves 18 weekly calls thanks to 18 direct line services connecting Germany to and from more than 420 ports around 160 countries in the world. Additionally, CMA CGM is offering an excellent connecting feeder service to Baltic and Scandinavia area.

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Direct connection to Middle East & Asia:

Via our direct FAL Services (FAL1 / FAL2 / FAL3 / FAL5 / FAL6 and FAL7) CMA CGM is offering ex/to our 2 German ports Hamburg and Wilhelmshaven 6 calls per week connecting Asia and Middle East.

FAL1-4 FAL6-7

These services are providing a direct interface to all main ports of North, Central and South China as well in Pusan, South Korea and the whole Asian market.

CMA CGM is offering a fast and reliable service from North European Ports to Shanghai and North China with Tianjin, Xingang and Dalian and is completing with an improved coverage out of South China with direct calls in Yantian, Nansha, Hong Kong, and Xiamen. All Southeast Asian ports are connected via a dedicated feeder network via our own Singapore HUB or HUB in Port Kelang.

With its direct call at Colombo, CMA CGM is creating an optimal connection to Indian East coast and Bangladesh markets. Direct calls to Jeddah and Khor al Fakkan are completing our offer to the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea area.

Direct connection to North America:

CMA CGM is offering 4 weekly services ex Germany connecting North America and Canada:

2 weekly services ex/to Bremerhaven with very short transit time to/from North America East Coast & Gulf and Mexico via Victory and Liberty service. These services are calling all major rail ramp connections in USA and create a perfect connection to the long-distance transport across the country.

On top CMA CGM is offering 1 weekly call ex Bremerhaven to Canada East Coast via St. Laurent 1 Service.

Victory, Liberty, SL1 & California Bridge Service

Additionally 1 weekly call ex/to Hamburg connecting the West Coast of North America via California Bridge, this "direct all water" service will complete CMA CGM's coverage of all US Coasts.

Direct connection to Central- and South America

CMA CGM is offering 2 weekly calls ex German ports to South America:

The Eurosal XL Service is connecting Hamburg with the West Coast of South America incl. some Caribbean ports, providing an optimum coverage of Chile from / to North Europe with a direct call in Valparaiso and seamless relay to Iquique, San Vicente and San Antonio via Callao.

One additional service, the Safran service, with one weekly call in Hamburg is connecting the East Coast of South America, with perfect connection via Montevideo to Asuncion, Paraguay.

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Additionally the ECS service is offering 1 weekly call ex Hamburg to Central America and the Caribbean Sea. With the calls at CMA CGM Kingston Hub, CMA CGM allows a seamless relay of cargo to and from all Caribbean, Central and South American markets using CMA CGM Global service Network.

Direct connection to East Med

CMA CGM is offering 2 weekly calls ex German ports to East Med area:

The Femex1 service is connecting Bremerhaven with Greece (Piraeus) and Turkey (Kumport, Gebze, Gemlik and Aliaga), enabling connection with in house services linking Turkey with an important range of areas (Asia, Arabian Gulf, Red Sea, West Africa, North, Central and South America).

The Baltic Levant Express (NCLEVANT) is connecting Hamburg with Alexandria, Mersin and Beirut. Both services are calling the main HUB ports in the Med (Tanger, Malta and Valencia). Malta an important HUB to North Africa, Adriatic and West Mediterranean ports, Valencia and Tanger to North Africa, America, Caribbean and West Africa.

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Direct connection to Australia

The NEWMO Service is the fastest direct service from Europe to Australia with its weekly call in Hamburg.

The direct fixed-day weekly service is connecting Europe with Australia (Southbound) and Australia with Singapore, Port Kelang, India, Colombo and Europe (Northbound).

Several connections from Australia are available, namely to Southeast Asia, South India, North Africa and East Med.

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HUB connection to Africa

West Africa is served via good HUB connection in Tanger, Algeciras and Le Havre with total 5 weekly calls ex HUB Port Tanger as well Algeciras with the following Services: EURAF1 - EURAF2 - EURAF3 - EURAF4, EURAF5 and Wazzan service. The EURAF5 service could also be used ex north continent HUB port Le Havre for perfect connection to West African ports as well to Morocco.

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The East African ports are served via HUB port Khor al Fakkan via FAL1 or via HUB Pointe des Galets via NEWMO service with feeder connection to East Africa and Indian Ocean destinations, for example with Swahili Express and Noura Express.

Tailor made solutions for our customers in Germany

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Door-to-door transportation inside Germany and to "landlocked countries" for whole northern Europe

CMA CGM Germany is strategically positioned to serve all landlocked countries in northern Europe: Ex/to German port connecting to Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, Hungary as well Poland. Even the Benelux Ports are in important Gateway for inland transportations for the region of Western and Southern Germany, the Rhine valley, Switzerland and Austria. Also perfect door-to-door connections via South ports in Adriatic Sea or Mediterranean Sea for providing a seamless continental connection.

CMA CGM Germany Inland Network offers its customers a one-stop solution to meet their global transport requirements in offering a full door to door service, which is fully integrated with shipping services with inland solution available on the entire national territory by barge, road and rail guaranteeing seamless service.

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Digitization and the e-commerce development are top priorities for The CMA CGM Group. Our goal is to help you save time and improve performance by taking advantage of a new modern shipping experience.

Digitization eases and simplifies the relationship with customers to provide them a flawless and more efficient customer experience. Customer centricity and digitization are at the center of the Group’s strategy: we are pleased to introduce you to My CMA CGM .

  • My CMA CGM: a 100% digital eco-system
  • New range of features to digitize the customer experience
  • A new sales channel offered to our customers

Please contact Mail our eCommerce team for any question or training on our eCommerce website.

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