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CMA CGM Germany: an expert in meeting every shipping need

CMA CGM Germany meets its customers' needs by offering them reliable and bespoke solutions for Export cargo. The CMA CGM Group offers high-quality solutions at every stage of the transport chain, from all German ports, as well all gateways out of Germany.


Ocean Alliance: the world’s largest operational agreement between shipping companies is extended until 2027

ocen Launched in 2017 for an initial period of five years with an option for a five-year renewal, Ocean Alliance is the world’s largest operational agreement between shipping companies. The confirmation of the 10-year duration of this partnership only two years after its launch reflects the trust and high-quality working relationship established between CMA CGM and its partners within Ocean Alliance, to the benefit of the CMA CGM Group’s customers.

Ocean Alliance Day 3 Product – Key Figures

  • Around 330 container ships, 111 of which will be operated by the CMA CGM Group
  • Transpacific services,
  • 7 services between Asia and Europe,
  • 4 services between Asia and the Mediterranean,
  • 2 Transatlantic services,
  • 4 services between Asia and the Middle East,
  • 2 Asia-Red Sea services.

FAQ ePayment

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How can I find the invoice(s) to be paid?

Invoices are available on the Invoice Dashboard within the CMA CGM eBusiness platform. Invoices with status "Open" or "Overdue" are eligible for payment. Only € currency invoices are available with ePayment feature. The "Pay" button on the Invoice Dashboard allows user to identify invoice(s) to be paid.

Who is able to process online payment?

Registered users can access the "Invoice Dashboard" and process ePayment. If you do not have an access to the Invoice Dashboard or ePayment, you can request for the access by writing to below mentioned e-mail address.
Please note that the access will be granted for all users registered on the CMA CGM website for your company.


Can ePayment be made for all CMA CGM group companies in Germany?

Currently ePayment feature is only available for CMA CGM carrier shipments accessible through the following websites:

What are the payment methods offered?

SEPA Direct Debit payment is available for Germany.

How to process a payment online?

You must sign a mandate with CMA CGM Group along with your bank details.

What is "Twikey"?

Twikey is a secured third-party payment service provider. The platform processes SEPA Direct Debit transactions on behalf of CMA CGM Group.

How is SEPA Direct Debit payment different from the current process?

After clicking on the "pay" button, the amount is automatically debited from your bank account within two working days.

How do I know my payment has been successfully submitted?

You will be notified by an email and the payment status will be updated in the Invoice dashboard when the payment is finalized. This email can be used as proof of payment to CMA CGM Germany.

When can I get the Document Release after my online payment?

Document release will begin once the receipt is provided to the respective team for releasing the BL/DO.

If the transaction is not debited from my bank account, what do I have to do?

The invoice status will be changed from "Pending" to "Open". You can submit again your payment online.

Who do I contact, if I require an assistance while paying online?

Please reach out to your customer service agent or write a mail to

Bank and Charges

What are the fees of the ePayment?

ePayment is free of charge for our customers.

For any questions, please contact your dedicated Sales office.