Import Information Guide

Import Information Guide

Transit time from main port of loadings (POL)

Ghana Import market is the second largest one in West Africa. Hence, the CMA CGM Group put some emphasis on giving the best possible transit times between the TOP5 port of loadings to Ghana and Tema port. The table below summarizes the transit time offered:

TOP 5 POL to Ghana (in volumes) Transit Time with CMA CGM
Ningbo (China) 41 days
Antwerp (Belgium) 24 days
Nansha (China) 35 days
Shangai (China) 41 days
Qingdao (China) 50 days

Formalities when in our office

You want to be served better and faster in our office? Fill below document so that we can know exactly what kind of services you request from us.

Ghana Checklist for Import DO

Information guide for import

You do not know what document is needed to get your delivery order? You are looking for a refund? Scan below document and see what you should have in hands before coming into our offices (Tema and Takoradi).

Information Guide Import

Lost BL procedure

You have lost your Bill of Lading? You think you will never be able to retrieve your goods? No worry: CMA CGM has put in place a procedure which guarantees the rights of the shipper but which allows you to clear without the OBL.

Ghana lost BL


Submit your Refund Request by clicking on below link and filling out the appropriate details in the form available.

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