Introducing E-KYC on ODeX Platform

Dear Valued Customer,

Basis the drive from Ministry of Shipping on ease of doing business and paperless transactions, CMA-CGM group has partnered with ODeX India Solutions Private Limited to facilitate e-KYC, i.e. electronically Know Your Customer feature on ODeX portal (

We urge all trade stakeholders – customers, freight forwarders, CFS, CHAs to register your organization and submit your KYC documents electronically on ODeX portal.

If your organization is already registered on ODeX portal, please authorize ODeX to share your KYC details with CMA CGM. Our customer service teams are at your disposal for any help or support in this regard.

You may also contact ODeX at

Best Regards,

CMA CGM Agencies India Pvt. Ltd.

29th March 2019

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