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WORLD INNOVATION | The CMA CGM Group chooses liquefied natural gas

The CMA CGM Group, a world leader in maritime transport, is pleased to announce its decision to equip its 9 future ships of 22,000 TEUs (Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit), delivered in 2020, with engines using liquefied natural gas.

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CMA CGM Lebanon: where the story began

During the Lebanese Civil War, Jacques R. Saadé had to leave Lebanon to Marseilles. In 1978, he established the CMA (Compagnie Maritime d’Affrètement), which went on to become CMA CGM, a leading worldwide container shipping company, ranked number one in France. CMA CGM has become an international operator serving maritime shipping routes around the world with door-to-door services that combine maritime shipping with rail, river and highway transport. This robust expansion was powered by a bold strategy and sustained capital spending. The Group has built its success on the strong values of boldness, initiative, imagination, and integrity.

However, the Group has never forgotten its Lebanese roots, continuously strengthening its commitment to Lebanon through its various activities.

Today, the CMA CGM group in Lebanon counts 215 staff in its various departments, from maritime to logistics to transit, offering a wide range of services to its local customers, bringing them international expertise and know-how of CMA CGM worldwide group.

  • Today, CMA CGM serves 2 ports in Lebanon: Beirut and Tripoli.
  • CMA CGM is the only company that serves Lebanon with 7 direct weekly services.
  • It is worth mentioning that CMA CGM uses Beirut Port as its hub for transshipment for the Eastern Mediterranean, generating more traffic and revenue for Lebanon.
  • CMA CGM built its state-of-the-art HQ in Lebanon in 2011
  • CMA CGM participates in the major job fairs in Lebanese universities such as ESA, USEK, AUB, USJ; as well as the major industry exhibitions. CMA CGM is a regular contributor, advertising in major Lebanese print media (newspapers and magazines)
  • The CMA CGM Corporate Foundation supports the actions of non-profit organizations in Lebanon whose objective is to improve the lives of ill children, or those who are disabled, or from underprivileged backgrounds
  • CMA CGM is an active recruiter of Lebanese graduate talent, be it for the local or the international market. For this purpose, it has signed an MOU with Ecole Supérieure des Affaires (ESA) to launch a certificate in Transport & Logistics, serving the student community as well as the needs of the shipping industry.

CMA CGM LEBANON in figures

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CMA CGM Lebanon: the point of start of the worldwide network

The Lebanon agency of CMA CGM, Merit Shipping is in the heart of this network, committed to providing expert services to all its customers.

Currently there is over 100 Lebanon-based, motivated and highly experienced staff in its headquarters in Beirut.

Focusing on the mission of CMA CGM Lebanon to drive more sales of services, the group provides additional value to its Lebanese customers by managing all import, export, and cross service operations ensuring highest quality transportation of their cargo.

We also offer intermodal solutions to meet our clients’ needs by using door-to-door services.

Owning the second largest fleet of Reefer containers in the world, CMA CGM is the leading shipping group of the cold chain market in Lebanon, transporting a large variety of goods and sensitive cargo.

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By the end of 2016, CMA CGM opened its offices in the second port of the country to start operations at Tripoli port.

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For more Local Offices contact information: Offices & Contacts.

7 Direct Services:

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Mediterranean Club Express


Direct service from Valencia, Barcelona, Fos Sur Mer & Genoa to Beirut- Fastest transit time in the market from Beirut to Jeddah (3 days), Jebel Ali, (10 days)- Direct service from Beirut to South East Asia, China & Korea.

Bosphorus Express


Direct service from Far East Asia to Beirut- Direct service from Beirut to South & North Turkey, and the Black Sea

Baltic Levant Express


Direct service from North Continent ports to Beirut as well as Beirut/North Continent-Provides fastest connection from East Coast South America to Beirut via Tangiers Med hub-Connects Beirut to West Africa with 1 transship. in Algeciras, providing the best transit time



Service connecting CMA CGM Malta hub ports to Beirut- Connects Beirut directly to West Med North Africa & East Med ports

SSLMED East Med Express 2

SSLMED east med

Connects Beirut directly with main East Med ports



Direct service from North & South Turkey to Beirut - Offers a direct service from Beirut to Jeddah & Arab Gulf ports

Intra Lebanon Express

Intra Lebanon

Connects Tripoli Port (Lebanon) with all CMA CGM services via Beirut or Alexandria

Intra Lebanon Express


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