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Our customers are our greatest source of inspiration. That is why we have designed a wide range of services to support you at every stage of your supply chain.

Whether your goal is to protect your cargo or expand your business, CMA CGM+ is designed to meet your highest expectations.

We have moved a step ahead beyond regular shipping by providing you the tailored value-added services, we offer you #BETTERWAYS

Simplify customs management

Let experts handle the complex customs processes, and avoid costly delays due to compliance hassles. With our CUSTOMS CLEARANCE solutions, you can simply focus on growing your business. We will do the rest:

• Preparation and submission of customs form via eDeclare
• Consultancy services
• Additional compliance services to meet country-specific import/export requirements

CUSTOMS CLEARANCE solutions flyer

End redundant empty container moves with Container Reuse

For our customers, transportation of empty containers can be a waste of time and money. Thanks to our partnership with Avantida, CMA CGM is offering Container Reuse, a solution to end redundant empty moves by linking import flows with export needs.

Container Reuse is a cloud-based, online platform offering services that help customers avoid transport of empty containers, adding flexibility and efficiency to your container transport planning.

For more information, click here to view the Container Reuse flyer.

Other local services to enhance our customers experience

The flexitank has become the wiser choice for businesses in many industries worldwide. Therefore, we are providing our local flexitank service to meet your demands.

Flexitank was created as an alternative for ISO tank to reduce the overall cost, especially for non-dangerous liquid cargo. As flexitank received attention, it also became a better choice for customers who own storages.

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Comply with Quarantine Control Measures – use FUMIGATION services

Protect your cargo by ensuring that your shipment and its packaging materials* are free of pests that could enter and infest the destination country. Thanks to FUMIGATION services, easily avoid the consequences of non-compliance such as risk of barred entry, additional costs of re-importing and other customs penalties at your destination.

* Suitable for a wide range of commodities: wooden articles, cargo in wooden packaging, machinery and foodstuff.

For more information, click here to view the FUMIGATION services flyer.