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Monthly Calls

Indian Ocean Cluster Office for The CMA CGM Group


The CMA CGM Group, a worldwide container carrier leader, proudly extends its global expertise in maritime transport and logistics through CMA CGM (Mauritius) Ltd, its fully owned local representation and Indian Ocean Cluster office.

Present in more than 160 countries, with 755+ agencies around the globe, the group employs more than 110,000 people to serve shipping, intermodal, logistics and freight management activities. Our core shipping activities is fueled by 509 vessels serving 420 ports out of 521 worldwide, through 200 shipping lines.

With the recent acquisition of CEVA Logistics, a worldwide leader logistics company, the group’s global market presence in freight management has been consolidated to provide our customers with a one stop shop door-to-door service.

CMA CGM (Mauritius) Ltd ranks among the leaders in maritime transport in the Republic of Mauritius, providing containerized import, export, reefer and transshipment services through 5 shipping lines calling Port Louis.

As a turnaround port in the Indian Ocean, Port Louis container terminal caters for 3 berthing windows totalising 800mts of quay, with a dredged depth of 16.5 mts, an annual throughput capacity of 1.2 million TEUS, 21 hectares storage capacity and 578 reefer plugs.

CMA CGM (Mauritius) Ltd, cluster office for the Indian Ocean, heads CMA CGM Madagascar together with CMA CGM Inland Services activities in Tamatave, CMA CGM Mayotte SAS, as well as ensures liaison with third-party agents representation in Comoros – Sornav and Seychelles – Societe Seychelloise de Navigation Ltd.

CMA CGM (Mauritius) Ltd strives in providing a truly unmatched maritime service to local the market, with our expert team in-house focused on customer centricity, and stands as a mirror to the group’s core values of Boldness, Initiative, Imagination, and Integrity.

We connect Mauritius to the World

CMA CGM Group offers 5 shipping line services to/and from Port Louis, offering a worldwide coverage.

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Shaka Express 2


SHAKA Express 2 is a weekly service connecting the Far East and Asia to Port-Louis, while offering a direct export service to Durban, South Africa.

Asia Mozambique Express


Asia Mozambique Express stands as a direct weekly export service to Asia, calling Malaysia and Singapore transshipment ports.

Midas Loop 2


Midas Loop 2 serves a weekly need to sustain Port Louis export to the Indian Sub Continent as well as transshipment to reach Europe.

Indian Ocean Feeder 1


Indian Ocean Feed 1 is a twice monthly service to ensure full coverage of Comoros (Moroni & Mutsamudu), Mayotte as well as the North West of Madagascar (Majunga, Nosi Be & Diego Suarez)

Indian Ocean Feeder 2


Indian Ocean Feeder 2 is a weekly loop connecting Port-Louis to Reunion Island (Pointe des Galets) and Madagascar (Tamatave).

Indian Ocean Feeder 5


IOFEED 5 is a twice-monthly service connecting Port-Louis , Tulear & Ehoala.

Local offers

Serenity by CMA CGM

serenity Customer centricity and innovation focused, we provide cargo protection through different cargo serenity and insurance products, allowing you to enjoy a total peace of mind throughout the transport and up to delivery.
For more information, visit our website.

Reefer Services

reefer Our dedicated skilled Reefers expert is at your entire disposal to support you with your sensitive export cargo through a range of refrigerated containers, all with the latest technologies.
For more information, visit our website.



Digitization and the e-commerce development are top priorities for The CMA CGM Group. Our goal is to help you save time and improve performance by taking advantage of a new modern shipping experience.

Digitization eases and simplifies the relationship with customers to provide them a flawless and more efficient customer experience. Customer centricity and digitization are at the center of the Group’s strategy : we are pleased to introduce you to [link url=]My CMA CGM/link].

  • My CMA CGM: a 100% digital eco-system
  • New range of features to digitize the customer experience
  • A new sales channel offered to our customers

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