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WORLD INNOVATION | The CMA CGM Group chooses liquefied natural gas

The CMA CGM Group, a world leader in maritime transport, is pleased to announce its decision to equip its 9 future ships of 22,000 TEUs (Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit), delivered in 2020, with engines using liquefied natural gas.

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CMA CGM Morocco: Shipping Expert

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CMA CGM Being part of CMA CGM Group, the worldwide leader in shipping, and thanks to the expertise of its local teams, CMA CGM Morocco becomes a reference in the logistics and transportation of containerized goods. CMA CGM has a large ports coverage in Morocco (Casablanca, Tangier, Agadir, Dakhla and Nador) offering its customers a connection to 18 regular lines linking Morocco to various destinations worldwide and continuously listening to its clients to offer them the moste suitable services. CMA CGM Maroc offers its clients services that best meet their needs with effective door-to-door solutions: Transport Dry, Reefer, logistics solutions and multimodal transport. Its leading position in Reefer transport in Morocco is the result of the daily efforts of a team of experts in logistics and supply chain of perishable products.

Leader in Reefer transport in Morocco

ReeferWith its entended offer of several shipping lines to serve several ports, CMA CGM Maroc offers you services that link Morocco to the rest of the world for all your imports and exports. CMA CGM Group uses the best technologies to transport perishable goods: -Cooling -air circulation, humidity and temperature control -controled atmosphere It also has the largest fleet of GENSET in Morocco and equipment suitable for 40'RH and 45'PW. The group also created a new segment in its core business by launching Aquaviva the transport of live seafood. Aquaviva containers are equipped with INNOPURE technology which makes it possible to treat the water to eliminate the bacteria but also to have a good oxygenation throughout the voyage in order to keep the products alive until final destination.

18 services to connect Morocco to the world

CMA CGM Morocco puts at your disposal several services that link Morocco to the different ports of the world. Being a country with a great strategic position (between Europe and Africa) a large number of the group lines serves the Moroccan ports offering connections between Moroccan ports and Europe, Asia, America and Africa.


- Morocco Shuttle

It is the local coastral service of CMA CGM serving the main Moroccan ports by connecting to the transshipment Hubs of Tanger Med and Algesiras.


- Morocco West Med / AGAPOV

Connecting Morocco to Spain, this fast service is one of the most requested on the market. During the Reefers season, this line also links Agadir to Port-Vendres for Moroccan exports of citrus fruit and tomatoes destined for the international platform of Saint Charles in Perpignan.

- Roro Marseille

With a regular weekly departure, this RoRo service offers our clients, connections between Casablanca aand Marseille.



- Loop AGAX

Express direct line connecting Morocco to Rotterdam and Saint Petersburg. This service offers a fixed departure with a fast transit time during fruits and vegetables season (November – April)


One of the main services linking Morocco to Northern Europe: Rotterdam / Dunkerques / Le Havre / Antwerp, but also Portsmouth during the fruits and vegetables season.


Linking the Canary Islands and Morocco to the North of Europe (Tilbury / Rotterdam / Hamburg), this weekly service is regular all year round



Direct services departing from Tangier and Casablanca to the various countries on the West African coast (Senegal, Mauritania, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Benin)

- EURAF’s 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

5 direct services out of Tangier Med to the main ports on the West African coast

West Africa


Being one of the main ports of the Mediterranean, Tanger Med allows to connect Morocco to several destinations in the world.

Other Lines


- EPIC 1

- EPIC 2





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