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GAF Myanmar Feeder YGX


We are calling Asia World Port Terminal (AWPT ) & Myanmar Industrial Port ( MIP ) with 3 feeder service weekly from Yangon to Singapore/Malaysia ( Portklang ) and connect to other PODs.

Local Services

Our Local Services to support your business.

Our clients are our greatest source of inspiration. That is why we have designed wide range of services to support you at every stage of your supply chain.

Whether your goal is to protect your cargo or simplify your business, CMA CGM+ is designed to meet your highest expectations.

We have moved a step beyond regular shipping by providing you the tailored value-added services, we offer you #BETTERWAYS.

Customs Clearance


We offer you a leaner supply chain with a fast and reliable import and export customs facilitation services with our dedicated team of customs clearance experts.

Our Expertise:

a. Preparation of shipping documents to facilitate customs clearance

b. Perform customs entry for each harmonized tariff code

c. Provide consultancy services

d. Cargo Clearance

CUSTOMS CLEARANCE solutions flyer

Intermodal – Myanmar


We offer you one-stop shop for all your needs on land and sea by extending the carrier haulage up to Mandalay by Train. We have the weekly services with the transit time of 2 days to/from Yangon and to/from Mandalay.

Please download our flyer: HERE

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All local Value-Added Services (VAS) and more please contact our VAS Champion:

MailChit Ko Ko OO

Intermodal Services

Myanmar Inland Solutions – Intermodal Services

CMA CGM Myanmar Inland Network offers its customers a full door to door service, fully integrated with shipping services. Inland solutions available by road and rail are adapted to your needs. Whether on Import or Export, CMA CGM is responsible for the continuous delivery of your containers, promoting the most environmentally friendly solution for the environment.

  • Weekly connection between Yangon Terminals (Downtown Terminals + Thilawa or MITT) and Mandalay Dry Port by rail
  • Surrounding areas of Mandalay Industrial Zone and Myothar Industrial zone served by truck from Mandalay Dry Port.
  • Mandalay ICD a strategic hub location for stuffing/destuffing of cargo intended to - China via Muse or Mongla border - India via Tamu border - Thailand via Myawaddy or Tachileik border
  • Customs clearance facilities available for export & Import at Yangon and Mandalay.
  • Pre-advise of 4 days for customs clearance, cargo loading / discharging at warehouse.
  • Max weight limitation: 30-32 tons (including tare) depending on season.
  • Overweight cargo possible under consultation.