Nicaragua under Epidemiological Alert in cases of dengue.

Nicaragua issued an epimiological alert decree, given the increase in dengue cases in the Central American Region. The Sandinista government carries out permanent work in the prevention of diseases such as; Dengue, Zika and Chicungunya.

So far, "55 thousand 289 cumulative cases suspected of dengue and 2, 232 confirmed cases are handled, despite this figure Nicaragua remains the country with less epidemic lethality in the Central American region." As announced by the Minister of Health, Dr. Carolina Dávila.

"The anti-epidemic alert throughout the country is issued in the face of the Government's concern to prevent cases, and this will raise awareness among the population, so that by joining forces, cases will be reduced, through different measures," Dávila continued. .

Ministerial resolution No. 306–2019, “is established considering that it is the concern of Cro. President of the Republic, Commander Daniel Ortega Saavedra, the prevention, protection of the health and life of Nicaraguan families, orienting the entire Nicaraguan people to join forces and take the necessary measures, to successfully face any outbreak of dengue fevers, Zica and Chikungunya, typical of the rainy season ».

The Minister continued that, due to the occurrence of dengue cases in this rainy season and the Emergency Situation declared by the neighboring country of Honduras. "Epidemiological Alert is declared, intensifying anti-epidemic control actions," he said.

MINSA continues visits to strengthen the fight against epidemic