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As we continue to streamline our processes and grow our digital platform, we are developing new tools to better serve you. Through the online LOI eSignature feature on the CMA CGM website, shippers will no longer have to sign and mail hard copies of their documents. eLOIs have an eSignature functionality that allows shippers to sign an online document and send it directly to the agent electronically. Customers can access the signed document at any time on the My CMA CGM dashboard.

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Weekly Calls

Your Best Shipping Partner


CMA CGM, a leading worldwide shipping group, owns one of the largest and youngest fleet of reefer containers. We can also provide all types of containers for general cargo (dry containers) and project cargo. At CMA CGM, we strongly value customer satisfaction as our priority. With highly experienced teams, we promise the best service and solution for your shipment to any destination in the world.

CMA CGM Philippines is handling all shipments of the CMA CGM Group under 4 brands : CMA CGM, APL, CNC and ANL.

Our offices are located in Manila, Subic, Cebu, Davao, General Santos and Cagayan de Oro.

Wide Range of Services Connecting to the World

CMA CGM Philippines offers a comprehensive market coverage capable of meeting customer needs across the globe. Below is a list of our services calling the Philippines. To know all destinations accessible through transshipment ports, please check our web page presenting all CMA CGM services or use our Routing Finder.

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BMXKCS Service


Imports from China to Manila/Davao and export from Davao to North China

China 1 Service

China 1 Service

Direct and fast T/T from Manila to Shanghai and fastest T/T for imports from Indonesia to Manila

CSE Service


Fast direct service Manila to Ningbo/Shanghai and fastest T/T for imports from Thailand to Manila

CP1 Service

China Philippines Express 1

Direct and fast T/T from Manila to Hong Kong and imports from South China

CP2 Service


Direct Batangas/General Santos/Davao call to Hong Kong/Shekou and back

CP3 Service

China Southeast Asia Service

Direct Cebu/Cagayan/Subic call to Kaohsiung/Hong Kong/Shekou and back

CP5 Service

CP5 Service

Import from China and export from Cebu/Cagayan/Davao to Shanghai

CP6 Service

CTP Service

Import from Shanghai, export to North China and Korea, and direct service from Kaohsiung (can be used as a TS port for import from the US for example)

China India Middle East Express 2E (CIMEX2E)

China India Middle East Express 2E

Import from India/Malaysia/Singapore, export to Korea and North China

JTVS Service


Import from Japan and South China, export to Thailand and Vietnam

JPX Service


The fastest and direct service from Manila to Japan and imports from Japan/Malaysia/Singapore to Manila

SPX Service

South Philippines Express

Shuttle service between General Santos/Davao and Singapore

RMN Service


Export from Manila/Cebu to Singapore (TS for Long Haul destinations such as Europe, Africa or Oceania)

Local offers


CMA CGM can organize inland transportation for you for both pre-carriage and on-carriage.

Value-Added Services

CMA CGM is innovating to be able to address your needs beyond shipping. Discover below our value-added services.

Insurance-related products

  • Cargo Value Serenity, to benefit from full compensation in the event of loss or damage to your cargo
  • Damage to Container Guarantee, to limit your financial exposure in case of damage to the container

Logistics and Supply Chain

  • Traxens, to benefit from more visibility, flexibility and an optimized supply chain
  • Logistics Services, to provide you with end-to-end solutions through our logistics subsidiaries

Special services for Reefer

Container Preparation



Digitization and the e-commerce development are top priorities for The CMA CGM Group. Our goal is to help you save time and improve performance by taking advantage of a new modern shipping experience.

Digitization eases and simplifies the relationship with customers to provide them a flawless and more efficient customer experience. Customer centricity and digitization are at the center of the Group’s strategy : we are pleased to introduce you to My CMA CGM.

  • My CMA CGM: a 100% digital eco-system
  • New range of features to digitize the customer experience
  • A new sales channel offered to our customers

Please contact Mailour eCommerce team for any question or training on our eCommerce website.


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