Change in Export Documentation Fee

Please be informed of a change to our Export Documentation Fee for CMA CGM, ANL, APL and CNC based on the following scope:

Effective Date: 15 October 2020

Origin: All Singapore ports

Destination: All destinations

Documentation Type Documentation Fee(Effective from 15 Oct)Remarks
Electronic submission of booking, shipping instruction (SI) AND Web Original Bill of Lading (Web OBL)SGD 100 per BL set

As per the table above, electronic submission for all 3 documents (booking, SI and Web OBL) must be fulfilled for the fee of SGD 100 to apply.

For reference, please see below for the documentation fees for other documentation type/form of submission.

Documentation Type Documentation FeeRemarks
Manual submission of booking OR shipping instruction (SI) SGD 180per BL set
Electronic submission of booking AND shipping instruction (SI) SGD 120

With the lower documentation fee for electronic submission effective 15 October 2020, customers are strongly encouraged to create a My CMA CGM/My CNC/My ANL and APL eBusiness accounts before aforementioned date. You may register for an account with us using any of the following links listed below. Once you have successfully registered, you are able to utilize the same login ID and password across all carriers without creating another account.





These fees will apply to all trades, tariffs, tenders and service contracts, unless otherwise specified. If not indicated, the fees will remain as per our current tariffs.

Pease contact your local representative if you need any assistance. We thank you for your business and continued support.