APL U.S. Government BL – Change in Bank Account

In alignment with the Group’s organisational changes, effective 1 September 2021, the following documents will be issued by

CMA CGM Taiwan Limited on behalf of APL:

  • U.S. Government Bills of Lading
  • Bills of Lading for military cargo
  • All related invoices

The new bank accounts are as follows:

U.S. Government/military cargo BL – NTD account
Bank name 滙豐(台灣)商業銀行 台北分行
SWIFT Code 081 - 0016
Account Code 001-559012-003 (NTD Savings Account)
Company name 達飛通運有限公司

Upon payment completion, please inform the following units to facilitate verification


Email: MailTPE.ELEE@cma-cgm.com ; MailTPE.SHALAN@cma-cgm.com

We regret any inconvenience caused.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.