Thailand Inland Solutions – Intermodal Services

CMA CGM Thailand Inland Network offers its customers a full door to door service, fully integrated with shipping services. Inland solutions available by road, rail and barge are adapted to your needs. Whether on Import or Export, CMA CGM is responsible for the continuous delivery of your containers, promoting the most environmentally friendly solution.

CMA CGM Strengths

  • Thailand main inland locations: Lat Krabang ICD served by Truck and Rail (departures 11x per day) via Laem Chabang; private wharf BMT, TPT, Sahathai served by Barge connected to Laem Chabang.
  • Laos main Inland locations: Vientiane, Savannakhet, Thakhek / Paksan, Pakse, Luang Namtha via Bangkok and Laem Chabang by truck.
  • Possibility to provide domestic trucking in Thailand and cross border trucking services to Laos
  • Thailand Max weight limitation: Laem Chabang and Lat Krabang by Railway is 22.5 tons (cargo + Tare), by truck is 30 tons (cargo + Tare)Laos Max weight limitation: 20 tons (cargo + tare) by truck
  • Possibility to move over-dimensions and overweight cargo under surcharge.
  • Laos main inlands connected to Bangkok and Laem Chabang within 1 day

Our teams Mail are available to offer intermodal solutions tailored to your needs by optimizing the safety and security of transport conditions.

Thailand Intermodal


First Dedicated Block Train in Thailand Connecting Laem Chabang and Lat Krabang

  • Reliability and assurance that containers will seamlessly connect via rail from Laem Chabang to Lat Krabang.
  • Efficiently facilitates the flow of raw materials entering Lat Krabang with the frequent rail stops made near the manufacturing factories; and the export of finished products from Laem Chabang.
  • Greener mode of transportation compared to cargo movement via truck.

Thailand Block Train Flyer