Import Information Guide

Information guide

In order to assist our customers during the import cycle, we put at their disposal a practical guide of the various stages of the cycle.

Before berthing

  • CCT sends pre arrival to customers and to Notify
  • Correction request of manifest by the customers if necessary (after receipt of notification)
  • CCT drop the manifest import to customs in accordance with BL

NB: In order to meet the requirements of the Tunisian customs and the demands of freight forwarders, you will find below the model to be filled by forwarder (when it appears as a Consignee) to manifest the BL on behalf of the actual customer.

This model is to be returned to the original before the closing of the port calls in TTN. Above , any change request lead to a Douane PV.

(Consignee = Transitaire P/C client réel ou Consignee = Transitaire et le Notify = client réel)

At berthing

· CCT handles the sending of the import invoice which includes the port-call number + rubric to the Consignee

After berthing

· The customer must com up with an OBL* at the stamp for the payment :

- With the import invoice

- D&D charges which must be recorded until the restitution of the empty container day

- Prepayment on container

· CCT deliver the coupon BAD to the customer

*OBL (original bill of loading) endorsed by the Consignee

· After restitution of the container empty at the CMA park, the customer presents the coupon of restitution at the stamping service to stop the D&D invoice and to ask for the reimbursement of its deposit check

CCT Import Guide