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What’s your next adventure?

Join the #1 carrier in the United States for an exciting career in the world of international logistics. The CMA CGM group currently employs 110,000 people worldwide and 1,600 in the United States. Our 10 U.S. offices are conveniently located in the biggest cities from coast to coast. We are always looking for talented, knowledgeable and innovative people to join our team. What are you waiting for? Learn more about our careers and current openings at the CMA CGM Group.

Our U.S. office locations

U.S. office locations

Are you a recent college graduate?

Our Fast Track Program might just be what you're looking for. Our accelerated training program provides recent college graduates with:

  • A senior management mentor
  • A chance to work in various departments to build a strong foundation
  • The opportunity to collaborate on strategic projects
  • Professional skills training

At the end of this remarkable 18-month program, trainees are extended opportunities for a career at CMA CGM America with the potential for an international assignment. Contact our local Human Resources department for information about the Fast Track program.

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