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CMA CGM Bougainville: A French giant of the seas

Autumn 2015

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Tanya Saadé Zeenny - Executive Officer

tanya saadé

The inauguration of the CMA CGM Group’s new flagship CMA CGM BOUGAINVILLE in Le Havre, in the presence of Mr François Hollande, President of the French Republic, is another bold milestone in the history of the Group.



CMA CGM Bougainville a French giant of the seas

Bougainville The CMA CGM Group’s new giant of the seas has a capacity of 18,000 TEUs, making it the largest vessel in the world sailing under the French flag. With its launch in October, in the presence of the French President, CMA CGM proves its status once again as a French company in the upper echelons of world trade and places maritime transport at the heart of current events once more.



The CMA CGM Foundation celebrates ten years

vignette Fondation For 10 years now, the CMA CGM Corporate Foundation has been committed to improving the daily lives of children in need living with a disability, a long-term illness or in extremely difficult circumstances. At the event in June celebrating the anniversary, children were once again the main focus.



Reactivity and precision: watchwords of a port stopover

vignette Escale PortuaireA company like CMA CGM must organise stopovers as efficiently as possible to ensure fast shipping and customer satisfaction. Although a commercial ship spends the majority of its time navigating the high seas, the most important moments are its stopovers. Whether cargo is being loaded or unloaded, all operations must be carried out with speed and precision.



JF Hillebrand Group: In Vino Veritas

vignette Hillebrand According to the famous Latin expression, in wine, there is truth! JF Hillebrand Group began in Germany in 1844 specializing in transporting wine and spirits internationally. Today, they export French products and savoir-faire all over the world. CMA CGM is one of their main partners in maritime shipping.



Ship Manager: At the heart of maritime operations

vignette ShipManagerAmong all the positions within the CMA CGM Group, the role of Ship Manager sets itself apart from the rest. At the heart of the operational aspect of maritime transport, Ship Manager is an essential role that ensures that ships are on time and loading is optimised.



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