DOLE the world's #1 in fruits and vegetables


Dole Food Company is a leading company in the production and distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables. This multinational is active on a global basis. So that we can eat quality foods every day no matter the season, Dole has perfected an extremely demanding logistics system. In this adventure, the CMA CGM Group is a select partner.

There’s something sunny in the Dole logo: the O is a shining sun that looks like a pineapple! Founded on the island of Oahu in Hawaii in 1851, the fruits and vegetables multinational currently operates in over 90 countries. Throughout its history, Dole has developed a variety of growing and packing techniques that has allowed it to rise. Now, fruits and vegetables are grown and sent to the four corners of the earth, mainly on vessels in refrigerated containers. For CMA CGM, Dole is a vital customer on lines that link South America to Europe and the Middle East...



To become a fruits and vegetables multinational, you need a strong supply base, skilled field workers, packing and conditioning staff, and stevedores for shipping. The key word is quality and control of production and the supply chain.
Since 1901, Dole’s motto is: “Quality, quality, and quality”. In 1907, Dole was one of the first companies to advertise throughout the United States to promote its Hawaiian pineapples. The famous pineapple slices in syrup arrived in 1911: Henry Ginaca, a Dole engineer, invented a machine that peels and cuts pineapples at the speed of 100 pineapples per minute! Then came the entry into new product lines: bananas in the 1950s (with the purchase of carrier ships and the creation of plantations in Costa Rica and Nicaragua), citrus fruits in the 1970s, vegetables and packaged salads in the 1990s, organic fruits in the 2000s, etc.
Today, Dole reigns over the world of fruits and vegetables. To its leading position, Dole needs exemplary control of the supply chain and ever more efficient and innovative ships...



Victor Esquivel President of Dole Europe

Our fruits and vegetables must arrive perfectly fresh to the consumer

How would you describe your company?

We are the world’s leading producer and distributor of fresh fruits and vegetables. Heavily present throughout our value chain, we own a large portion of our supply base: these strategic elements, among others, allow us to have control over our business. At Dole, we are experts and hard-working. We want to provide the world with high-quality fruits and vegetables. As a company we are passionate about promoting healthy nutrition as well as constantly increasing sustainability in the supply chain.

How do you constantly maintain the quality of your products?

Our commitment to quality is very strong. We have developed programmes in areas as diverse as food safety, crop protection, quality control, transport technology and high-tech production. We are constantly improving through research and innovation. Our employees’ health and safety of our workers is of great importance to us, as is preserving the environment and respect for communities. Finally, Dole is committed to promoting healthy nutrition: we want to share how essential it is to have a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables...


What type of products do you deliver? From where? To where?

We mainly sell fresh fruits in the United States and Europe. But we also have customers in the Middle East, Asia and South America. Tropical fruits such as bananas and pineapples come mainly from Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Honduras and Guatemala. Other fruits, such as apples, lemons, grapes, kiwis and berries come from Chile, South Africa, Peru, Argentina, Egypt and India.

Why rely on CMA CGM?

Over the past five years, our shipments have increased significantly in volume: that is why we are calling on a shipowner such as CMA CGM with 18,000 TEUs ships that meet our needs. Thanks to CMA CGM’s large capacities, we can continue to develop with peace of mind...

For Dole, what are the challenges of the future?

As in every industry, there are many challenges! Concerning shipping, the greatest challenge is perhaps shipping transit time, which is vital for the quality and freshness of our products. To continue to fulfil our mission in the best possible conditions, we need to provide consumers with evershorter lead times! I hope that CMA CGM can help...