Discover the one and only tool needed to facilitate your shipment follow up. Details regarding your shipments are available under one simple view; you can take actions on your shipments directly from here. The Shipment Dashboard will help improve your productivity and provide you with detailed shipment and container views that give you direct access to all relevant information (including your online documents). With our Shipment Dashboard, you will also be able to take relevant action based on your shipment lifecycle.

Our offer

  • Get a centralized view of all your shipments

    Document-Holder Benefit from the detailed shipment or container views that give you direct access to all relevant information (including your online documents) and allows you to take relevant actions on your shipment.

  • Easily find your shipments

    Container-Pin Use the global search bar to find your shipments based on any information: POL, POD, container, shipment reference, etc.

  • Upload documents

    Document-Arrow-Up Get all your documents at the same place by adding them so that it is easier to then review them all and take actions. Retrieve all documents in one place by uploading using the Upload Doc feature on your shipment dashboard. By adding your documents, you will be able to easily review them while taking actions on your documents.

  • Sign your documents online

    Document-Sign Electronically sign letter of Instructions to speed up the process (Express Release); documents signed online are instantly transferred to your agent.

  • Customize, extract and schedule your reports

    Document-PDF The Shipment Dashboard offers you the possibility to customize your view and schedule reports to be received on a given frequency (daily, weekly or monthly).

This tool is only available in a connected mode. If you do not have an account, click here to create one.


  • Available 24/7

    Screen Access your shipment information online anytime from any device.

  • Multiple views available

    Document-Eye Follow your shipments by two ways: Container or Shipment view.

  • Intuitive and easy search

    Document-Info Simply type in any type of information you are looking for, it's this easy!

  • All your favorite information at once

    Optimize-Graph Customize your view to view the information you need and increase your efficiency.

How does it work?

  1. 1Click on My CMA CGM and on View my Shipment Dashboard in the Quick Access menu.
  2. 2By default, you will be able to select between three views: All Import/Export Shipments, SI Dashboard and Container View. They are accessible from the top right hand side of your screen, by clicking on button "Views".
  3. 3If you wish to see other items, you can create your own customized view. Simply choose the information you would like to see and save your view(s) to save time for future status checks.
  4. 4In your dashboard, you can select items and decide on actions.
  5. 5You can also export and schedule reports if needed.

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