Rules and Regulations

Documentation procedure in Bangladesh

CMA CGM wishes to inform and alert its customers that effective July 1st, 2013, Bangladesh Customs Authority and Bangladesh Bank have decided that the inclusion of Business Identification Number (BIN*) or Agent Identification Number (AIN*) on documents such as bill of lading, documentary credit, commercial invoice, packing list for duty/VAT management purposes is now mandatory for all import shipments to Bangladesh.

Any shipment sailing from port of loading July 1st, 2013, onwards will fall under this rule which is applicable for all import documents destined to Bangladesh. Carriers or freight forwarders will not be able to submit manifest without AIN or BIN, shipments could otherwise not be discharged. Also, consignees will not be able to clear the goods if the same is not correctly mentioned or mismatched:

  • BIN* is also mandatory when CONSIGNEE is “TO THE ORDER OF BANK” and NOTIFY PARTY is the actual importer in Bangladesh.
  • AIN* is mandatory when CONSIGNEE and NOTIFY PARTY are forwarders/NVOCCs who are only authorized by Bangladesh Customs to submit Import General Manifest (IGM) at their own responsibility.

CMA CGM have instructed its documentation teams in local agencies to ensure that shippers/forwarders incorporate the correct AIN* or BIN* number in their shipping instruction while submitting to the CMA CGM.

* The term BIN stands for Business Identification Number, also known as VAT registration number. For bills of lading consigned to forwarder then the AIN (Agent Identification Number) will need to be mentioned on bill of lading instead of BIN.

For more information, please contact your local CMA CGM office.