CMA CGM : New Online Form to submit your VGM

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Currently many of you submit your VGM declaration via our eBusiness portal as per the requirements of the SOLAS convention effective 1st of july 2016.

To give you more flexibility with your inputs, CMA CGM has created a new form to assist customers who have one or severals VGM declarations.

3 avantages

Discover this new functionality !

  • Submit one or several VGM data entries directly online
  • Add as many container blocks as you need
  • Prefill the form from your Dashboard by selecting in the action tab "Declare a VGM (Form mode)"

VGM declaration form

Reminder: Functionalities available to declare your VGM online

  1. Download an Excel Template
    To input bulk VGM declarations download our prefilled Excel spreadsheet on our web site. Once completed, you must upload it in "Upload data". You can modify and control the data in the VGM Dashboard (this functionality requires connection to your eBusiness account). For more information, consult our news, our tutorial or access the page direct.


  2. The online form
    To submit your VGM for one or a few containers, it is necessary to complete an online form with information such as Booking number, container number, VGM, Method..You can consult our news just above to get more details or connect directly to the on line form or consult our tutorial (this functionality requires to connect your eBusiness account)

We hope that these functionalities will simplify your VGM Transmissions.

Please consult our SOLAS FAQ for more information.

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