Services Updates


Effective July 14th, 2013, CMA CGM has redesigned its West Coast UK Feeder, becoming IRISH SEA FEEDER LOOP 1 & IRISH SEA FEEDER LOOP 2.

The new feeder combination, covering West Coast of United Kingdom and East Coast of Ireland, offers on the northbound leg an optimized relay to FAL 3, FAL 7 and NEMO cargo destined to Liverpool:

  • discharged cargo from FAL 3 at Le Havre - Terminal de France is loaded back on Loop 1 every Friday,
  • discharged cargo from FAL 7 at Le Havre - TNMSC is loaded back on Loop 2 every Monday,
  • further connection for cargo from NEMO discharging at Le Havre - Europe Amériques Terminal or Le Havre - Terminal de l'Atlantique can then be arranged depending on operational conditions.

The two southboung legs cover export cargo from Ireland destined to Africa and Asia on Delmas services (loaded back at Le Havre).

Compared to the previous feeder service, IRISH SEA FEEDER is adding calls at Greenock and Cork, is doubling Liverpool call (twice a week), and is operated along following rotation:

Loop 1: Le Havre (Fri) - Liverpool (Mon) - Dublin (Tue) - Cork (Wed)

Loop 2: Le Havre (Mon) - Liverpool (Wed) - Belfast (Thu) - Greenock (Fri) - Loop 1 : Le Havre.

Immediate advantages for CMA CGM's customers consist in:

  • coverage of southern and eastern ports of Ireland,
  • Liverpool served twice a week,
  • a unique hub in Le Havre,
  • a complementary coverage of Glasgow market adding call at Greenock to the call at Grangemouth (FAS EAST COAST UK).

For more information, please contact your local CMA CGM office.