Services Updates

CMA CGM upgrades its offer between the Adriatic Sea and Egypt with the new ADRIMED EXPRESS line

CMA CGM, a leading worldwide shipping group, is pleased to announce the new service offer ADRIMED EXPRESS which directly links the ports of the Adriatic Sea and Egypt.

This innovative, fast and reliable service links Egypt, Malta, Croatia, Italy, and Slovenia. Thanks to a call in Malta, a CMA CGM group’s hub, efficient transshipment connections are offered to worldwide markets.

This service, which is especially designed for perishable goods transportation in reefer containers, offers the best transit times on the market between the Adriatic Sea and Egypt.

  • Thus CMA CGM links Alexandria Old Port in Egypt to Rijeka in Croatia in 6 days, Trieste in Italy in 7 days, and Koper in Slovenia in 9 days.
  • From the Adriatic Sea to Egypt, CMA CGM calls Damietta in 7 days from Koper, 9 from Trieste, and 10 from Rijeka.

CMA CGM provides a wide intermodal range of services from the ports of Koper in Slovenia and Rijeka in Croatia. Countries without access to the sea are served in record time: less than 12 hours by road and less than 24 hours by train, towards the European Hinterland markets (Zagreb, Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava etc).

Three 2,800 to 3,500 TEU-capacity vessels operate the following rotation: Rijeka, Trieste, Venice, Koper, Malta, Damietta, Alexandria, Malta and Rijeka.