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CMA CGM group has the pleasure to inform of new functionalities to answer better to your expectations:

  • New and smarter notifications: New design of your subscription screen and new notifications
  • More visibility on your VGM: VGM in error, VGM Cut-off, VGM Status in your Shipment dashboard

New and Smarter Notifications

CMA CGM Group offers a new notifications management screen, redesigned for an easy set up: four distinct parts, a new subscription button and new notifications.

Later improved with various notifications (up to 25), we have now completely redesigned our subscription screen in order to offer you a simple, flexible and seamless experience.

Connect to the Menu Profile > Account Management > My subscriptions and Download the guide.

Four packages to ease your choices and follow-up

  1. Shipment Tracking Essentials: Everything you need to keep up with your shipments online (Booking, My VGM follow up, SI submitted, Delivery order available, Arrival notice available, New documents available)
  2. B/L follow-up: All necessary documents for the BL process (Draft, Waybill, Original BL)
  3. Operational Tracking: All notifications to track your container and journey updates (Export Voyage changed, ETA, ETD, Cut-off date change, Container loaded, discharged, available at depot, not gated in, loaded on board, discharged)
  4. Invoicing: When your invoice is available

notification screen CMA CGM

print screen: subscription notification screen

A new single subscription switcher has been designed to simplify your subscription. Use the switch to turn your notifications on and off. The button “Only for shipments I manage" helps to restrict the notifications to your own and favorite shipments using the checkbox.

button subscription notifications

New notifications

We have added 2 new notifications: VGM in error for an easier declaration and follow-up of your VGM and New Document available. To discover this new screen and fine tune your notifications, visit eBusiness > Profile > Account Management > My subscriptions. To follow your notifications online, you can click on the push message at the top right of your eBusiness account.

VGM: Better visibility for a simpler declaration and follow up

As VGM declaration is essential to your loading confirmation, we decided to improve the visibility around VGM products:

  • VGM status can now be found under your Shipment Dashboard eBusiness > Shipment Visibility > My shipment Dashboard. A new column will display the status of your VGM.
  • An automatic notification in case of VGM error can be enabled in the notification page. It will help you to have an instant visibility on your VGM status. To subscribe to this notification, visit eBusiness > Profile > Account Management.
  • VGM cut-off Date is now available directly under our Voyage Finder. In the menu eBusiness > Schedule > Voyage Finder. A new column will display the date by which the VGM has to be provided: “VGM Cut-off”. This information will guide you to send the VGM in due time.

vgm shipment dashboard

print screen: VGM in your shipment dashboard

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