THE CMA CGM THEODORE ROOSEVELT became the largest ship ever to cross the Panama Canal

On August 22nd, CMA CGM Theodore Roosevelt became the largest ship ever to cross the Panama Canal, on its way to New York to inaugurate the Bayonne Bridge on September 7th.
The CMA CGM Theodore Roosevelt exited Asian shipyards on July 26th.

Discover the CMA CGM Theodore Roosevelt's video of the Panama Canal.

CMA CGM Theodore Roosevelt, a record ship for the Panama Canal and the East Coast of the United States

With a capacity of 14,414 TEUs and a length of 12028ft, the CMA CGM Theodore Roosevelt is 4 times larger than the Statue of Liberty and represents more than 4 American football fields in length.

It is part of the series of 6 CMA CGM ships bearing the name of the Presidents of the United States of America.

Currently the ship is on its way to Norfolk Harbor on August 28th, Savannah on August 31st and Charleston on September 2nd. This will be its last stop before arriving at the port of New York for the inauguration of the Bayonne Bridge on September 7, 2017.

The Panama Canal, a strategic axis for maritime transport

Crossing the isthmus of Panama in South America, the Panama Canal connects the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. After 10 years of work, the canal has been expanded and now offers shippers a better maritime and logistics service.

  • Former configuration: Panamax vessels with a length of 964,5ft by 105ft wide for 5,000 TEUs.
  • New configuration: vessels with a length of 1191ft by 161ft wide and 49,2ft draft for 14,000 TEUs.

In addition to widening and deepening the existing navigation channels, new locks that are radically different from the old installations have been set up:
Two sets were built, one on the Pacific side and the other on the Atlantic side, each comprised of several water retention ponds.

Some 15,000 boats use it every year, about 40 a day, carrying more than 200 million tons of goods.

A New Era for the Maritime Trade of the US East Coast Ports

CMA CGM THEODORE ROOSEVELT was chosen by the authorities of the port of New York to be the inaugural ship of the new bridge, the Bayonne Bridge, linking the State of New York to that of New Jersey, on September 7, 2017.

Through this port of call, CMA CGM Group demonstrates its support for the investment made by the New York-Newark Port authorities to improve access and infrastructure in the United States' third busiest port complex.

As a result of the work, the bridge was raised and the canal was dug to allow the New York -Newark port to welcome larger ships coming from the Panama Canal.