CMA CGM’s Intermodal network in South Turkey

Supporting the constant effort of CMA CGM maritime lines to serve Turkey, CMA CGM Intermodal & Logistics Services (ILS) has developed a wide range of solutions to facilitate inland connections: focus on Southern Turkey coverage.

CMA CGM maritime network of Southern Turkey is arranged to optimize the calls at three major ports: Iskenderun, Mersin and Antalya.

Iskenderun: served by FAS NMED 3, Iskenderun’s hinterland focuses on south-east Turkey, from Kayseri to Diyarbakir.


Mersin: served by FAS LEVANT EAST MED 2, FAS LEVANT EAST MED 3 and FAS NMED 3, Mersin is the door of an important hinterland, from Konya (West) to Diyarbakir (East), up to Sivas (North).


Rail Mersin

Antalya: served by FAS LEVANT EAST MED 3 and FAS NMED 3, Antalya’s hinterland from Aydin (West) to Isparta (East) up to Afyon (North) operates the link-up with Eastern ports of Turkey (Izmir and Aliaga) hinterlands.


From these three southern ports, CMA CGM ILS offers its customers:

  • a wide range of extended services at ports and through the hinterland,
  • a dedicated pricing included in “through bill of lading”.

Specifically at Mersin, a first class “rail+truck service” via Mersin to/from Kayseri is offered. Trains departures on this corridor are arranged to be:

  • overnight, connecting the two cities within one day only,
  • scheduled with vessels calls, to optimize and ensure short transit times between port and final destination/origin.

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