Services Updates

CMA CGM’s program for Chinese Golden Week

CMA CGM wishes to communicate about its blank-sailing program during the Golden Week Holidays in China, starting October 1st, 2013. Please find hereafter all the details of amended rotations to cover cargo deliveries with optimized impact on transit times.

On the Far East to North Europe Trade, CMA CGM has decided to:

  • Cancel 1 sailing on FAL 7 week 40,
  • Cancel 1 sailing on FAL 1 week 41,
  • Cancel 1 sailing on FAL 2 week 41.

Nevertheless, to continue providing its customers with usual quality of service and to maintain an optimum coverage of the range during this period, alternate solutions to cover cargo will be proposed, as mentioned in the below tables:




For more information, please contact your local CMA CGM office.