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A single, faster dashboard for better productivity

The “import / export dashboard” has been replaced by a new shipment dashboard to provide better shipment visibility. This dashboard is accessible when logged in by clicking on "eBusiness" and then on "My Shipment Dashboard". Everything has been designed to ensure greater efficiency!

New features have been added to the Shipment Dashboard:

CMA CGM unique dashboard

  • A column labeled "To Do" indicates what action needs to be taken by the customer to process the shipment.
  • It is possible to hide and unhide columns on the dashboard. Click on "Views" on the top left of the screen and then "Create view":

CMA CGM create view dashboard

  • Different elements can be selected to create a custom view, and creating multiple views is also possible. Add a title in the "Name" field to access your custom view in future sessions.
  • Each view can be extracted as a report. To do this, click on "Extract View" on the top right of dashboard page. It is possible to download the report right away, and in the near future, we will add the option to schedule the report and have it sent via email ("Schedule an extract").
  • By selecting "Scheduling", you will be able to choose the frequency of this report (daily, weekly or monthly). It will be possible for different email addresses to subscribe to the report.
  • The technical performance of this new dashboard has been improved, allowing for faster access to documents or status updates.

Detailed data on each shipment can be obtained by clicking on shipment line in the main dashboard screen.

CMA CGM detail data on shipment

You can temporarily continue to access the old version of the “import/ export dashboard” by using the "Old Shipment Dashboard" button provided for this purpose on the top right of your screen.

This feature for APL users is replaced by “Create booking” button.

Booking and SI dashboards will soon be merged into this new unified dashboard.

A new homepage

The new homepage has more intuitive navigation. A detailed menu on the top of the page, organized by category, allows a better view on the content of our eBusiness pages. eBusiness users can easily find links to our offerings, cargo visibility, schedules, prices, booking/SI, and documents.

A virtual assistant

You now have easy access to our virtual support tool. The tool is accessible on each one of our eBusiness pages, and it helps users best utilize the capability of each page. Just click on the widget "Need help?” and type in any keywords to get the help you need.

Need help CMA CGM

It is still possible to access the tutorials via the "Help"> "Tutorial" at the bottom of the page.

Documents can be added at any step of booking and SI submission

It is now possible to upload up to 5 documents of 5 MB each via a designated button on the bottom of the booking and SI page for all bookings and Shipping Instructions. Previously the feature was limited to dangerous cargo bookings (DGD). Documents can be submitted via drag and drop or direct selection. Only PDF, Word, Excel and JPG formats are accepted. Documents can be added and removed at every step of your booking or SI submission.

Upload documents at every step

Modification of the original BL facilitated

Customers can now make changes directly on original BL as easily as on BL draft. To do this, simply change the document data directly in the tiles shown on the BL layout and submit the original BL amendment request. Agents will then be notified by email with the modifications you have requested.

To perform modifications, go to the “Document dashboard” and select “Original BL” on the left side menu, then to click on the eye icon, next to the BL, which needs to be amended.

On the top right corner, you can find “Actions” button and select “BL Amendment”.

A pop-up window mentioning additional applicable charges related to modifications of Final BL will appear.

Each field can be selected for modification. In the right top corner of every area, there is a small pencil icon that allows for editing or adding information. It is necessary to save and then submit all modifications.

Assistance will be soon available on the “Need help” widget.

Modification of the OBL facilitated

Intermodal pricing in just a few clicks

Get intermodal rates instantly through our dedicated search tool (eBusiness login required to access) this new feature allows more autonomy and faster decision making.

As always, our team remains available to answer your questions.

If you have additional questions we are at your disposal.

See you soon on our eBusiness platform!