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Request Modifications to Waybills Online

Major innovation: Waybill modification requests can now be done online in the same way that you can submit for original BL’s and BL draft. This feature, only offered by the CMA CGM Group, allows you to keep your transport documentation under control and guarantees better traceability. You can indeed follow, thanks to a dedicated timeline, all the modifications that have been made to your documents, from SI to the end of the exportation process.

Amendment suite

Technically, on the PDF, you can edit directly on the document and submit it. No need to worry about who to send it to - our platform automatically sends a notification to your CMA CGM agent by email. This feature simplifies the exchange of documents and limits the sending of emails.

Request to modify waybill online

Fusion of the Booking Dashboard

Your booking information is now available in "My Shipment Dashboard" and gives you:

  • Direct access to your shipment information, documents, and container information
  • The ability to customize your dashboard through the creation of "views"
  • Scheduling of reports
  • Much more!

Booking Dashboard

Transshipment Notifications

Notifications are now set up to alert you whenever one of your containers transships, providing real-time tracking information to know the status of your cargo.

The setup of those notifications is accessible from the "Operation Tracking" part: Operation Tracking

Operation Tracking 2

More Movements in Container Tracking

The "Shipment Tracking" tool gives you more movement details such as Reused for Export, Full at Consignment's Premises, Empty at Consignee's Yard, etc. Take greater control of your supply chain with a more complete visibility of your cargo.

Easy to Read Email Notifications

The reference number of your shipment will be written in the subject line of email notifications. This will make the identification of important information easier to find in your inbox.

New Practical Features

Our platform continues to be enriched with features to improve its ease of use.

- Mass Invoice Printing: you can now select multiple invoices and generate a PDF of all the ones you have chosen. This will allow you mass printing and ease of processing your documents.

Invoice 2

- Search Autocomplete Function: Save time by entering the first letters of your goods to quickly find the one of your choice. Suggestions will appear as you type.

Search function

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