Corporate Information

CMA CGM Group to attend Fruit Logistica Berlin (February 6th-8th, 2019) to present its expertise in the transportation of fruits and vegetables

On the occasion of this must-attend event which attracts over 3,000 exhibitors and 78,000 visitors from around the world, CMA CGM is pleased to recall its offer of innovative services dedicated to fruits and vegetables producers and exporters.

CMA CGM Group, the second carrier of refrigerated containers (“Reefers”) worldwide with a fleet of 400,000 TEU, has indeed developed an unmatched expertise. As part of its “Customer Centricity” strategy, the Group thus offers its customers unique technological innovations and solutions tailored to their needs.

CLIMACTIVE, technological excellence to preserve product freshness

CLIMACTIVE is the most advanced solution to maintain product freshness to destination. It acts by faster reducing the level of oxygen inside the container.

CLIMACTIVE was developed for highly sensitive commodities, which require special attention due to their biological specificities or maturation time. This option is particularly suited to organic products or fruits with long transit times.
It allows the Group’s customers to optimize their attractiveness by maintaining product freshness to destination, by regulating the maturation process, by extending their products’ shelf life and by preserving their quality. It also makes it possible to export to more distant locations and thereby to target new markets. Finally, CLIMACTIVE does not need any chemical treatment and thus allows customers to keep their organic label.

REEFLEX, the most advanced solution for the refrigerated transport of liquids

REEFLEX optimizes the transport of liquids by refrigerated containers thanks to an innovative design and technology which guarantee optimal hygiene and food safety conditions.

REEFLEX thus allows for the transport of liquid commodities (fruit juice, milk, syrup, or any type of food oil) in a single tank with a capacity of 12,000 to 26,000 liters. An ideal alternative to breakbulk, REEFLEX enables exporters and importers to transport their commodities by containers with improved transport and delivery conditions.
In addition, in order to preserve product quality, REEFLEX keeps the merchandise in an excellent state thanks to a sterilized environment and controlled temperatures ranging from -35°C to +20°C. Each tank is single-use, fully recyclable and produced according to the customers’ needs and in line with health and hygiene regulations.

CMA CGM Cold Chain Logistics, a new advanced European logistics site for refrigerated commodities

In order to offer its customers global and comprehensive services, the CMA CGM Group additionally pursues the development of inland and logistics solutions.

The Group thus announced in February 2018 the creation of CMA CGM Cold Chain Logistics, a one-hectare facility at the heart of DP World London Gateway, located along the Thames river near the British capital.
With this advanced facility, which is scheduled for opening in 2019, the Group pursues its expansion into fields complementary to maritime transport. Equipped with chilled and frozen chambers, it will also offer the Group’s customers high value-added services, such as quality control or packaging before final delivery.