Price and Surcharge Updates

Ocean Carrier ISPS Surcharge Update - All Trades

CMA CGM informs its customers of the updated amounts of the ISPS (vessel) surcharge.

The Ocean Carrier ISPS (International Ship & Port facility Security code) Surcharge, identified in our Charges Finder tool under "ISS01", will be updated as follows:

Effective from April 15th, 2019 (date of loading in the origin ports) until further notice

USD 14 / EUR 12 per unit for all trades

Applicable on top of freight

Prepaid/Collect (except for Taiwan: payable elsewhere)

(*)The associated basic freights are available here: Bunker-related surcharges, THC (Origin and/or Destination), Peak Season charges and similar charges and other Safety and Security-related surcharges may also apply and are accessible at Other charges such as contingency charges and local charges may be applicable.

Please contact your local CMA CGM office should you require information about any other pricing information