Intermodal France: improved inland network

CMA CGM Inland Network in France is constantly improving its services to offer an extensive coverage of all strategic corridors.Its dedicated multi-modal solutions, on ramp or door basis, do answer all logistics needs of its customers.

Taking advantage of the improvement of French national inland network, CMA CGM covers a wide portfolio of competitive products, including but not limited to:

Rail transport: 7 major axes

  • Dunkirk / Bonneuil sur Marne (Paris)
  • Le Havre / Chalôn sur Saone / Lyon / Marseilles
  • Antwerp / Dourges / Bonneuil / Marseilles
  • Zeebrugge - Antwerp – Rotterdam- Duisburg / Marseilles
  • Marseilles / Lyon / Ludwigshafen
  • Marseilles / Lyon
  • Marseilles / Châlon sur Saône.

carte GNM

This rail network enables you to connect Europe's major cities through a complete transport plan.

Inland waterways transport: 4 barges axes

  • Le Havre / Rouen
  • Le Havre / Evry - Genevilliers
  • Marseilles / Lyon
  • Marseilles / Châlon-sur-Saône.

Road transport: a trucking network for your one-way door deliveries.

For more information, please contact your local CMA CGM office or use the following link: