Services Updates

CMA CGM's winter program on FAL services

As market is expected to remain slow in the coming weeks, CMA CGM will continue adapting its capacity to the actual market demand on the Asia to North Europe trade.

Consequently, CMA CGM has decided to void 2 additional FAL voyages on weeks 48 and 49. Similar to what has been done in November, alternative routings will be proposed in order to continue offering the complete scope without service disruption to its customers.

The following 2 voyages will not be performed:

> FAL 7 MV MSC REGULUS voyage PF279W ETA Ningbo November 26th, 2013.

Alternative routing: FAL 6 MV MSC MARIA SAVERIA voyage LA183W will perform additional calls in Chiwan (to be confirmed), Sines and Le Havre. Other port pairs will be covered with other FAL loops.

> FAL 3 MV CMA CGM LEO voyage FM614W ETA Tianjin November 28th, 2013.

Alternative routing: MV CMA CGM LEO will perform her normal North China and Korea rotation and will connect in Xiamen on December 7th, 2013, with MV CMA CGM MARCO POLO voyage FLA08W for Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Southampton bound cargo.

North China and Korea cargo to Le Havre, Rotterdam, Zeebrugge will load on FAL 6 MV MSC MARIA SAVERIA voyage LA183W (with additional Le Havre call as per above).

MV CMA CGM MARCO POLO voyage FLA08W will perform an additional call in Singapore.

Complete detail of alternative routings for each port pair will be communicated shortly and will be available on CMA CGM website in the coming days.

These 2 additional blank sailings will reduce Asia-Europe capacity on FAL services by around 20% on weeks 48 and 49, which are traditionally weak in volumes, with vessels reaching North Europe during Christmas / New Year holidays. CMA CGM will recover its full capacity effective week 50, as market volumes are expected to start ramping up ahead of the traditional pre-Chinese New Year peak.

For more information, please contact your local CMA CGM office.