Corporate Information

Situation in Suez Canal #4

Last update on March 30th, 2021

Dear Valued Customers,

The CMA CGM Group is pleased that the action plan implemented by the Suez Canal authorities with the salvage company has proven successful.

The first convoy to cross the Canal started to move, and ships that were waiting inside Great Bitter Lake transited during yesterday’s night. At this time, vessel CMA CGM CHAMPS ELYSEES is currently transiting, and vessel APL CHANGI is expected to start transit this evening. The capacity of a daily convoy is estimated at 80 transit per day (in and out), but it may change depending on further development.

The Group will continue to monitor and inform its clients on the actions implemented to allow for a speedy resumption of traffic in the Canal and a complete return to normal operational conditions. Recovery action plan will be implemented and relayed to customers as soon as ships will have resumed normal passage.

Queuing vessels

Please see below the list of CMA CGM and partner vessels currently impacted:

Navires en attente GB

Diverted vessels

To mitigate the impact of the incident on your shipments, the CMA CGM Group has decided to divert some vessels around the Cape of Good Hope. Please see below the list of diverted vessels. Regular updates of this list will be available on www.cma-cgm.comNavires deroutes

Please contact your usual CMA CGM commercial representative should you have any further question.