Price and Surcharge Updates

FAK Rates - From North Europe & the Mediterranean to West Africa

Please find the new applicable CMA CGM Freight All Kinds (FAK) rates(*) as from September 1st, 2021 (date of loading in the origin ports) until further notice.

Below are the FAK rates for a sample list of corridors, commodities and container types where the rate increase is effective:

20ST 40ST 40HC 20RF 40RF
Barcelona to Abidjan EUR 1,225 EUR 1,850 EUR 1,850 EUR 3,000 EUR 3,450
Valencia to Douala EUR 1,640 EUR 2,380 EUR 2,380 EUR 3,100 EUR 4,200
Genoa to Douala EUR 1,600 EUR 2,200 EUR 2,200 EUR 3,050 EUR 3,600
Lisbon to Luanda EUR 1,525 EUR 1,970 EUR 1,970 EUR 3,350 EUR 4,000
Koper to Abidjan EUR 1,755 EUR 2,685 EUR 2,685 EUR 3,350 EUR 3,800
Antwerp/Rotterdam to Tincan/Apapa EUR 2,025 EUR 2,575 EUR 2,575 EUR 4,000 EUR 4,200
Antwerp/Rotterdam to Tema EUR 1,375 EUR 1,675 EUR 1,675 EUR 2,300 EUR 2,500
Antwerp/Rotterdam to Abidjan EUR 1,225 EUR 1,775 EUR 1,775 EUR 2,000 EUR 2,200
Antwerp/Rotterdam to Dakar EUR 1,225 EUR 1,775 EUR 1,775 EUR 2,100 EUR 2,300
Tilbury to Tema GBP 1,360 GBP 1,970 GBP 1,970 USD 2,640 USD 2,960
Tilbury to Tincan/Apapa GBP 2,050 GBP 2,670 GBP 2,670 USD 4,990 USD 5,310
Le Havre to Abidjan EUR 1,325 EUR 1,875 EUR 1,875 EUR 2,400 EUR 2,700
Le Havre to Dakar EUR 1,365 EUR 1,985 EUR 1,985 EUR 2,500 EUR 2,800

These new FAK rates will apply as follows:

  • Origin Range: From North Europe, Baltic, Scandinavia, West Mediterranean, Adriatic & Black Sea
  • Destination Range: To all West Africa ports (offered in direct on CMA CGM services)
  • Date of application: September 1st, 2021 (date of loading in the origin ports)

(*) These rates include the Basic Freight. They are subject to the Bunker-related surcharges including the Emergency Bunker Surcharge, the THC (origin/destination), the Peak Season charges and similar charges and the Safety and Security surcharges which are accessible at Other charges such as Contingency charges and local charges may also apply.

Other port pairs, commodities and container types including reefer which have not been listed here-in may also be subject to increase.

Please contact your local CMA CGM office should you require information about commodities not included in the FAK rates, other ports pairs, specific equipment or any other pricing information.