New Documents available online in the eBusiness area

With our new eBusiness platform, CMA CGM Group has expanded the range of available documents for online and printing to provide self-assistance to our customers and make it easier to do business with us.

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The following features are available on CMA CGM Group Web platform:

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BL Management

We offer a complete environment to manage BLs from draft review to original print.

Customers can approve or ask modifications of their draft BLs one-by one or in mass, with a history of draft reviews is available. Once approved, a notification is sent as soon as the Original Bill of Lading or the Waybill is available for printing. This is accessed directly within the eBusiness menu.

Online Documents

Customers can access a comprehensive repository of business documents 24/7. Customers can view the real-time status of their shipment documentation through a dashboard with notifications sent when documents are available.

In addition to the BL (draft, WayBill and Original) already available, booking confirmation, notice of arrival and import delivery order have been added. Release order, release confirmation, loading confirmation and general export notice will be available online by the end of the year.

Documents Upload

Throughout the shipment life cycle, documents can be uploaded to the platform. They will be attached to shipment details for fast and efficient communication to our local CMA CGM agency.

Beginning with the dangerous goods declaration during the booking request, many other documents can be added later including; customs documents, health certificates, commercial invoice, packing list, letter of credit, letter of indemnity, letter of renouncement, bank guarantee, etc..

Customers accessing their original BLs can also request change of destination (COD), Switch BL and make many other types of requests online.

Shailendra MOONDRA, US Senior Manager, eCommerce/EDI, said:

Our current e-customers are excited about the availability of these features online. We hope you will leverage them to expand your eBusiness with CMA CGM Group. We also welcome your suggestions on how we can enhance our website to further meet your eBusiness needs.

How to access : To access the eBusiness platform, customers need to register on the website. Once the account is activated, customers will be able to access approved services.

For more information regarding our features on line, consult our eBusiness pages.

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