Discover new enhancements on your eBusiness web site

CMA CGM Group is pleased to announce new enhancements available on your eBusiness website, demonstrating our commitment to customers and improving business experience on our website.

Shipping Instruction (SI)

We have launched 3 evolutions for ensuring efficiency in processing shipping instructions:

1. You can Save your shipping instructions at each step.

2.You are now able to manage the part of goods & description in a faster mode (Packages, Marks and Descriptions). You can copy and paste information for multiple containers with the help of populating Copy and Duplicate options.

Package and descriptions

3. The new table mode, with the spreadsheet compatibility helps you to transfer the container data for your Shipping Instructions from excel sheets.

Thanks to follow the 3 steps below:

i. Once your booking is confirmed, arrange your data in an Excel file / TM

ii. Update seal, package….

iii. Copy/Paste your SI data from excel sheets to the table mode. Table mode provides a form option for you to arrange the details in your sequential preferences.

mode table en



During the booking process a booking reference is created WBAJP… Find this reference in the Booking Dashboard for a better follow up of your order.

Booking Dashboard

During the parties identification on your BL, you can now add contacts (names, addresses, email, tel....)

4 New Local Websites

The “Local Offices” section is the easiest way to connect with the CMA CGM agency network. You will find up-to-date information on CMA CGM developments, local regulations and agency organization.

4 new websites are now available: Pakistan, Nigeria, Ecuador and Panama.


See our video tutorials! More simple and useful!

How to access: You need to register on the website. Once the account is activated, you will be able to access a wide range of services (booking, shipping instruction, documentation, advanced dashboard...).

For more information regarding our features on line, consult our eBusiness pages.

You can also contact our MaileCommerce Experts.