Rules and Regulations

Ghana to implement Advanced Shipment Information

The Ghana Shippers Authority (GSA) is set to implement the Advance Shipment Information System (ASHI) as from March 1st, 2015, B/L date. It will enable importers to fill out documentation online to expedite the cargo clearance process.

The GSA has assigned Antaser Afrique and its international agency network as sole representative, who will be in charge of the issuance and validation of the ASHI, through the dedicated website

All shipments entering any Ghana port must have an ASHI document. This document number must appear on all B/L. Please note that without this number and document, cargo will not be released from Customs and would break local laws.

Please note the process is as follows:

  • The shipper/forwarder has to register on the Antaser web portal
  • All relevant business information have to be scanned and attached before submission of the application form through the web portal.
  • Filling of the ASHI form and attaching relevant documents is to be completed by the Consignee's agent or Forwarder who is already using this or similar systems for shipments to other countries.

Documents to be attached during ASHI creation include:

  • Copy of Freight Invoice
  • Copy of Commercial Invoice
  • Copy of Export Custom Declaration
  • Copy of Bill of Lading
  • Copy of Packing List

An ASHI has to be created for each Bill of Lading. The tariffs for each Bill of Lading are as below from any port around the world:


For more information, please contact your local CMA CGM office.