Ports and Terminals

Update on the situation in Tianjin

Following the Tianjin blasts during the night on August 12th, we would like to share with you the following information.

  • First, all CMA CGM crew members and Local employees are thankfully safe and accounted for.
  • Vessel Berthing and Departure are back to Normal.
  • All terminals and off-dock depots in Tianjin are under operations today. But berth congestion, low productivity and longer port-stay are still expected in Tianjin for the coming days.
  • Compared with past few days, more trucks are now running inside the port area.
  • All CMA CGM group vessels have been able to call Tianjin Last week except Xin Qin Huang Dao of our ASAF line, Exports containers that are ready to load will be evacuated this week on CMA CGM Georg Forster, CPO NORFOLK & HS ONORE.
  • This week there is no call omission from CMA CGM operated vessels for the time being.
  • Export and Import of dangerous Cargo containers have been completely banned by Local Authorities, but export and import of non dangerous chemicals are authorized
  • Cargo Update: Due to the fact that we still do not have access to all areas, an exhaustive update is not yet possible.


  • containers discharged before 12.8

    - Containers within Free Demurrage (4 days) still on Terminals as of 8/8, have not been moved from the Terminal.

    - Containers that could not be picked up within free demurrage (4 days in Xingang), have been transferred to backyards (mostly adjacent to the terminal) which are 7-8kms from the explosion site

    - Containers selected by customs for inspection, have been sent to International Logistics Depot (Customs nominated depot for inspection) close to the explosion area, we estimate that we have only long idle containers in this are area.

  • Containers Discharged after 12.8 : Same as before


  • With the green light from Tianjin Customs, shippers now can deliver the container to terminal directly within contracted gate-in period, besides via off-dock depot under normal circumstance, and then proceeding further customs declaration process.
  • Containers Load Ready on the terminal before 12.08 have been exported on vessels calling Last week.

CMA CGM will continue to work closely with the port authorities and keep you informed about any change.

Do not hesitate to contact your CMA CGM local correspondent should you need more detailed information.