New enhancements to your eBusiness website

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CMA CGM Group is pleased to offer new functions in our eBusiness platform.

  • Notification Module: Gain Visibility
  • Shared Templates: Move on to Collaborative Work
  • Booking & Shipping Instruction: Close to your Business
  • Performances: Faster than ever
  • Smartphone Application: CMA CGM on your smartphone !

Notification Module – Gain Visibility

As getting an accurate status on your shipments is key to business efficiency, CMA CGM launches a new notification module. Unprecedented in the industry, this new module will help you gain visibility on your activity via:

  • The Notification Center: All events which you subscribed to can now be notified online. They will appear in real time in the top right corner of your screen.
  • The Inbox: Displays all your notifications in an email-like inbox where you can consult, set a reminder, pin or archive your alerts.
  • The Subscription Management: Gain accuracy by setting up your notifications at company or user level. You can also choose to be notified online and/or by email.

notification center mini3

On top of that we will deliver news notifications with:

  • ETA changes
  • SI process follow up
  • Container movements
  • Documents availability…

message notification

Future notifications will follow to our existing offer such as Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) moves, Shipping Instruction process, container moves, documents on line...

For additional details, please consult our tutorials in our Help section. (you must be connected to access)

Shared Templates – Move on to Collaborative Work

Booking and SI Templates are the key to productivity on recurring business. However when someone is out of the office, their duty is taken in charge by someone else who does not necessarily know all the subtleties of the trade.

To address this, CMA CGM now enables users to share their templates. In a dedicated screen users can define whether if a template is private or if it is visible to all users of the same company.

booking template management

Booking & Shipping Instruction – Closer to your business

CMA CGM focuses on optimizing eCommerce product to match your daily business. In this context we bring two new functionalities to our Shipping Instruction submission process:

  • Control Totals: A bottom line frame helps you check at a glance that the number of containers and global weights and volumes are correct.
  • To Order / Same as Consignee: On certain bills you need to choose a “To Order” Consignee or a “Same as Consignee” Notify. To facilitate this we added them as default parties to the list of your top used parties.
  • Draft At all steps: It is now possible during the booking process to save your work as a draft at any moment.

For additional details, please connect to our platform or register.

Performances – Faster than ever

Enhancing performances of our platform is a strong emphasis for CMA CGM. Our platform now offers:

  • Dashboards: Optimised loading reducing time.
  • Bookings & Shipping Instructions: passing from one step to another is now much quicker.

Smartphone Application – CMA CGM on your smartphone!

The CMA CGM Group recently launched its first mobile application offering a follow-up solution on the container’s position, the upcoming vessels departures and other services by CMA CGM.

The application is available on the App Store and Google Play in five languages (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese).

Try it now !


If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Support