CMA CGM eBusiness Notification Centre – Powered by Business Visibility!

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Do you want to be advised of changes to your shipment or to enhance transparency of events associated with moving your cargo? Well, you can have it with the new CMA CGM eBusiness Notification Centre.

Our eBusiness platform ensures maximum information visibility at all stages of the shipment cycle. This tailored information centre provides latest status alerts and up to the minute information to create a better shipping experience allowing you to be at the pulse of your shipments!


The Notification Centre offers:

  • proactive communications aligned with all business streams connecting all areas of transaction and documentation management
  • full shipment visibility
  • any change in shipment status
  • alert you when related documentation is available

The list of the notifications available:

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Notifications are fully customizable by event so that you can set the parameters of the feeds you want, when you want them, how you want them - covering your individual needs and requirements.

Preferences allow you to indicate how you would like to receive your alerts either via our e-Business web dashboard or by direct e-mail to your desktop inbox or even both. There is even an option to subscribe to notifications at either company or individual user level.


Rob Waterman

Chief Executive Officer - CMA CGM UK

Another exciting new development on our eCommerce platform is the Notification Centre. This significantly improves the visibility our customers have on the status of their shipment, they are able to choose the milestones that are important to them and to then receive regular updates. There are so many customisation opportunities for our customers such as they can choose to receive notifications confirming when their container has been loaded on board, or when a draft bill is available, right the way through the notice of arrival. Customers can choose multi mode notification through web and mail and this will give our customers full visibility of their shipment from start to finish of their supply chains.

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